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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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We are a national campaign group that aims to restore the NHS so that it is

  • free at the point of clinical need for everyone

  • publicly funded, managed, provided and staffed

  • with the Secretary of State for Health fully responsible for providing and promoting a comprehensive, universal health service


Obviously we have our work cut out, given that successive governments have systematically dismantled, cut and privatised our health and social care services - and continue to do so, faster than ever.


That’s why we've teamed up with campaign groups across the country to focus on stopping the imposition of USA-style Accountable Care on our NHS .


USA Accountable Care, now rebranded here as Integrated Care, is modelled on finance not clinical decision making. Integrated Care restricts patient access to care and creates a two-tier health system  which will look something like this:


A bare bones publicly funded NHS that provides the (costly) acute and emergency services for everyone, since these are impossible for private companies to make a profit from. Along with a limited range of

so-called elective/planned treatments


A private health service for those who can afford private health insurance or self-payment, that will provide access to the full range of health care.


Despite the government rhetoric - Our NHS is still being SLASHED, TRASHED & PRIVATISED.


We hope our website is a useful campaign resource - whether you are part of a local group, a national group or simply a member of the public wondering how to take action to defend our NHS.


Join us in fighting to defend and restore our #NHS4ALL


How the site works

The 2019 website is in four main parts.  

The most important being our current #NHS4ALL Campaign.