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Create an Opposition

News reports that Theresa May and Donald Trump have been discussing the possibility of USA health companies being allowed into NHS England to help run and support  are utter nonsense.




The American health companies are already here, they've been cleverly embedded within the NHS - hiding neatly behind the blue logo - for years now. Remember the current boss of NHS England quango is Simon Stevens, a man who previously worked for the largest USA health insurance company UNITED HEALTH.


This large global corporation was invited into Parliamentary talks with New Labour by Alan Milburn in 2003  when Simon Stevens was one of Blair's health advisors (Hansard, 2003).


After 9 years as President in United Health's Global Strategy Dept.  Simon Stevens was invited back to the UK by David Cameron to become the boss of NHS England. To save it? To support it? No. Of course not. To finish the job that was begun two decades ago.


The handover to the American system has been slow but right now in 2017 we are witnessing a rush, a surge and a panic we believe.

MPs, NHS England Board Members, Simon Stevens know we are onto them. We are seeing through their lies, their deliberate chaos and attempts to hoodwink the public.  

31 January 2017


We do make a difference

NHS campaigners across the country have joined with us in creating opposition to the latest privatisation device - Sustainability & Transformation Plans (STPs). These plans - 44 of them across the country - were sent to NHS England on 21st October 2016. Plans to force through huge cuts, reconfigurations, mergers and downgrades of hospitals, services - all about twisting, torturing the NHS into accepting the American Medicare model. Using a combination of financial threats, bullying and corporate PR to convince us all that an "NHS in CRISIS" needs to change to become an PROFIT DRIVEN model - a full range of services and treatments for those who can pay through private health insurance and the most basic limited service for the rest of us.


Those plans are in chaos and we, (extra) ordinary people, made that difference. Alerting our local councils, scrutiny boards, local media and general public. We still have a mountain to climb but we should take pride and comfort in knowing we can and do make a difference.


We already have a lot of information on the Stop The STPs website


Over the next weeks we will be helping to create more Stop STPs information that for campaigners can use to take action.

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Create an Opposition

We have to because it seems the political parties on all sides are unable or unwilling.


Please visit the petition on our sister site which we are hosting because 38 Degrees took it down - we are not really sure why.

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