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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign.

Not affiliated to any political parties.

100% run by passionate volunteers

Fighting to save our NHS from profiteers.

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We are a national campaign group that aims to restore the NHS so that it is



  • free at the point of clinical need for everyone

  • publicly funded, managed, provided and staffed

  • with the Secretary of State for Health fully responsible for providing and promoting a comprehensive, universal health service

  • complete with coordinated Social Care as an equal public service partner

  • with no private commercial companies given management and control


Successive governments since the 1980s have systematically dismantled, cut and privatised our health and social care services - and continue to do so, faster than ever.


Sadly this is not a quick-fix. But we are determined to continue our campaign.

And we invite you to join us.

Welcome (2021)


March 23rd 2020 COVID19

Suddenly the stark reality of the NHS situation is revealed for all to see.


We can clearly see that the once solid coordinated NHS and Social Care infrastructre has been so badly damaged by years of underfunding and corporate greed that the impoverished NHS workforce is now almost on its knees, struggling to fight for our lives and theirs with the novel coronavirus.


At this time we are concentrating on communicating honest and verified notices regarding the COVID19 situation. We have much to say about what should be done to restore the NHS to a public service once again free from private company profiteering interference. Those statements will come when the time is right.


If ever there was proof of the need for a fully funded, government run , managed and delivered state health system - THIS IS IT!


At this moment in time we ask you to be safe, find your local NHS Campaign group who may be supporting the local hospital in a positive way eg. helping to maintain good public relations.



Our thoughts are with the community nursing teams who are now also on the frontline in our cities, towns and villages. And to the staff of care homes who are faced with dealing with Covid19 in non-secure surroundings and with little support from employers and local authorities.


To find out more about this map visit the Nurses Notes website


July 4th 2020 COVID19

The desperate chaos as a result of fragmentation and a government more concerned with private contract deals than saving lives continues to multiply.  


Since April it has become clear that planning and strategy using well-trusted Public Health methodology was continually ignored while the Cabinet fussed and sweated over making the right contracts available to the likes of Deloitte, G4S, Serco, Google and Microsoft.  


Even now the Test, Track and Trace system is a shambles because of the obsession with ensuring the system is placed in private hands rather than rebuilding the perfectly good PUBLIC HEALTH teams around the country. The government behaviour has been a disgrace and we are appalled.


Thanks to all the campaigners around the country who are as determined as we are to bring the NHS out of this privatisation madness.


September 4th 2020 COVID19

The schools returned this week with yet more confusing information and guidelines issued by the government.  The Johnson government have made it abundantly clear that it is not worried about being a "National Disgrace" (Dr.Richard Horton, The Lancet) and that it will continue to create policy that benefits nobody but private contract holders and large corporations.


Various areas of the country have been placed in temporary lockdowns - again with confusing guidelines and instructions.


The government have scrapped Public Health England in favour of a strange National Institute for Health Protection - headed by Dido Harding and a team of people who have no experience in public or clinical health.

(read this excellent OpenDemocracy article for more info)

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This winter you and friends could be part of something unique.


We are creating a 999 Call for the NHS creative arts activism project and we want you to consider how you could help. This winter has to be about telling our story for future generations and a reawakening of the public awareness of what is going on around us.


This winter following the tragic events of Covid19 Lockdown we want to invite groups across the country to come together to create living documents of social history - recording this period of our history and reflecting on the political, social, economic and environmental elements that have affected us all.


To find out more click the link.

We  send our deepest symapthies to the familes and loved ones who have lost those dear to them because of their jobs - fighting to save lives.


Our thoughts are with all those on the frontline of the pandemic in A&E, ITUs - nurses, doctors, support workers and hospital staff. There is still little confidence in this government as we enter the Autumn months and the unknown pattern of the pandemic.