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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.


NHS England and other Quangos (Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisations) are determined to shrink the NHS and turn it into an American-style healthcare system. By reducing the NHS "Menu" of services people (those who can afford it) are forced to turn to private healthcare - or worse begin paying inside the NHS with co-payments, self-pay and top-ups - just as in the USA.


June 2019: A recent discovery at Warrington NHS Foundation Trust has now proved we are not scaremongering.  See this link - SELF PAY AT NHS WARRINGTON


You know how the dentist works... that's what the NHS will become unless we demand MPs across the board - stop the handover to big business NOW.


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We are committed to getting rid of privatisation.

We are a grassroots campaign group with no official ties or affiliation to any of the political parties, unions or major institutional bodies. 999 Call for the NHS members come from a variety of political directions but as a team we are fiercely independent and understand that  we have to work with and lobby everyone.


We are fighting to reinstate the NHS as a comprehensive & universal #NHS4ALL - properly publicly funded, free of all privatisation and the marketised for-profit model of healthcare.


We began life in 2014 with the Jarrow to London People’s March for the NHS. Since then we've marched, petitioned, helped to make referrals of lousy cuts proposals to the Secretary of State, held Judicial Reviews, and done endless fact finding research into NHS cuts and privatisation policies, schemes and proposals. We have lobbied Councillors, MPs, parliamentary candidates and various Party Conferences.   Visit to the 999 ARCHIVE to find out more.


Five years on we are proud to be working alongside other campaign groups up and down the country.


SEE THE DUCK Resistance banner 4 site


We are not stepping down from our fight for #NHS4ALL

At our #NHS4All action plan meeting in Leeds on 16th June,  999 Call for the NHS and other NHS campaign groups focused on stopping the imposition of USA-style Accountable Care on our NHS.

The powers-that-be have rebranded this as "Integrated Care" but whatever they call it, it’s still the same old same old. "If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck..."


The meeting was a positive step forward in planning our next steps.


We are grateful to those who travelled long distances to get there. Those from Yorkshire were joined by campaigns from the Wirral, Milton Keynes, Southport, London, Cambridge and Grantham.


We are now reviewing all the ideas and suggestions and details of the action plan will follow shortly. If you would like to be more involved in the campaign please sign up on the  #NHS4ALL page.


What the DUCK is going on?

C&K 999 white

NHS England have been denying the move towards an American Accountable Care Organisation model for many years.


But the evidence is now clear as local councils and 3rd Sector (charity) organisations find themselves drawn into wonderful sounding "collaborations" and partnerships that are going to save the NHS - all they will do is introduce "Integrated Care" based on what is called "demand management" - ie. restricting care according to very strict control totals inflicted on the NHS by a government that does not believe we can afford or deserve a comprehensive and universal healthcare service.


Campaigners are reminding officials that despite their denials - if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck...