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We are 100% saying to MPs SCRAP STPS and SCRAP Accountable Care Systems!


From April 2018, several Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships  (last year, they were PLANS) -   aim to become a new form of local NHS and social care organisation called an Accountable Care System.  This is a new business model for health and social care based on the USA’s Medicare/Medicaid - which only provides limited basic healthcaee for people who are too poor or ill to get private health insurance.


We see tee iigsaw prrces coming together as the NHS Quangos are determined

to shrink the NHS and turn it into an American-style healthcare system.


You know how the dentist works... that's what the NHS will become unless we demand MPs stop the handover to big business NOW.


We are committed to getting rid of privatisation.

USA health companies are already moving in.


The Financial Times reported in early February that US investors are leading a  “dealmaking spree in British mental healthcare”:


“Britain’s £16bn mental healthcare market is braced for a wave of consolidation as investors seek to take advantage of a rise in NHS outsourcing.”


This USA Healthcare interest in the UK is because their home market is expensive and congested. NHS England is a potential moneypot.

We are a grassroots campaign group with no ties or affiliation to any of the political parties, unions or major institutional bodies. We come from a variety of political directions but we are fiercely independent thinkers and understand that as a committed campaign group - That's our job.  We lobby everyone.


We are fighting for the complete removal of private companies from the NHS.

We are fighting to keep Comprehensive Healthcare for All.


That's why we're still marching - to our local councils, parliamentary representatives, mainstream media.  And even to the courts.


We believe that campaigners have to be able to appeal to politicians of all backgrounds because the NHS is an institution far greater and more important than transient everchanging party politics.


That is why we have never affiliated to any political party or group.


We need honesty. We need integrity. And we need to make MPs, local councillors and community leaders to listen to the people they represent.


They need to stand up for Comprehensive Healthcare For All.


We need to bring ownership of the NHS back into public hands.



Our NHS is being eaten into by American Health


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Going back to Court

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Resources and simple things we can all do to make  difference.


Join the team with campaigners up and down the country.


We're working with local campaign groups up and down the country to highlight the failings in the local council SCRUTINY process which is supposed to be our protection against dangerous cuts and changes.


We're calling on MPs to do something.