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As always we remain fiercely independent of all the main political parties.

We constantly defend that right as campaigners who need to talk to everyone and lobby all politicians regardless of their political persuasion.


We respect your right to make up your own mind which party to vote for.

But we can tell you this.


The current government are destroying the NHS

and pretty much all public services. The Conservatives say they love the NHS but every action they take proves otherwise. We never wanted to exclude any NHS campaigners but if you are fighting to save the NHS and supporting this Conservative government then please reassess your thinking. Right now voting Conservative and saving the NHS are just not compatible.  


A vote for the Conservatives will be the end of the NHS. Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt have both been in recent talks with USA health companies. The American corporations are already in place and the move to take it will not be a complicated one as NHS England pushes ahead with its privatising Five Year Forward View and Sustainability & Transformation Plans.


All the main political parties have failed us

MPs, NHS England Board Members, Simon Stevens know we are onto them.

We see through their lies, their deliberate chaos and attempts to hoodwink the public.  They know they have failed us in their duty. But they don't seem to care.


This election is an opportunity to restore a decent society where we don't fear for the safety and health of our kids, the welfare of our seniors. This government must go because right now they seem hellbent on destroying everything that ordinary people hold dear to their hearts - the NHS, schools, support services. Five more years of Conservative "Austerity" will mean we will lose our NHS...


Who you vote for is up to you. But we all have a duty to ask ourselves.

WHO is going to stand up for our NHS?


We need honesty. We need integrity. And we need change.


Create an Opposition

We have to because it seems the mainstream political parties on "the other side of the house" are unable or unwilling. Even if they begin to make populist noises about "saving the NHS" don't let them think they can shut us up. It is time for us to really push the health agenda and not let the politicians forget that the NHS is the backbone of our society. Without it we lose our humanity and our decency.


Let's create the real opposition that MP candidates will not be able to ignore. Ask candidates for MP:


Will you work with campaigners to restore the NHS back into public hands,  renationalising and kicking out the private companies who are taking control?


If not. Why not?

Find out about the new march we are undertaking.


This time it's in the courts.


March with us again and help fightback




We will only support an MP if they are committed to getting rid of privatisation.

Jonathan Ashworth, Shadow Health Sec.

gave a fanfare speech in Yorkshire recently and made lots of people very excited.


Talking to Labour supporters and healthworkers he came out with cornets and trombones blazing.


So what do we think?


Find out here:

Let's Go

All The Way

Jon_Ashworth Dear Mr Ashworth JR WHITE a5 Alexandra GLORIA

  Thinking beyond traditional old tired politics.

Two women who are brave enought to publicly speak out and reject their traditional political backgrounds because they feel so strongly about saving the NHS.



Please share this page and the YouTube video link with friends and family.

There has never been a more important time to think intelligently about politics. We don't think it is going to be an easy solution to simply vote in the opposition.


But we do know that the NHS will not survive under another Austerity & Privatisation driven Conservative Government.

Meet Gloria & Alexandra