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Fighting to Save our NHS from profiteers

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Join us in Central London for an afternoon of events to show our determination to save our NHS.


Friday 6th September is the 5th Anniversary of the momentous day when the original 999 call for the NHS 300 milers - those who marched all the way from Jarrow to London - arrived in Trafalgar Square to be met by over 20,000 people.


So it's fitting that five years on we mark the occasion and celebrate that the NHS Campaign movement is still alive and more determined than ever!

Friday 6th September we remember the inspiration of 2014

4pm We move to Trafalgar Square.


Meet us in Trafalgar Sqaure to pay tribute to the original marchers who inspired so many on their 300 mile march

from Jarrow to London.


There will be an Open Mic and we are honoured to have some  of those who marched the entire 300 miles as guest speakers.


This is also an opportunity for us to renew our demands for an #NHS4ALL.  


And it's an opportunity to share what is happening in our local regions.  We want your stories and your experience.


We hope you will join us:

  • to honour those who marched 300 Miles

  • to honour those campaigners who are sadly no longer with us

  • to honour those who are suffering at the hands of Austerity idealogy

  • to honour all our efforts and our new determination to keep fighting


For Details and to contact people in the FaceBook event CLICK HERE


Discover more about the Jarrow to London March on our ARCHIVE PAGE - see below.


NOTE: This is very much a grassroots campaigner event.

There will be no big stage with Billy Bragg singing.

There will be no MPs electioneering.

There will be us.


Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. More determined than ever.

2pm - Hey Hancock! Take this!

2pm - Hey Hancock! Take THIS!

Bring banners and voices to support the handing in of a petition to the Department of Health & Social Care.

The petition will not close! This is merely the first of staged hand-ins that we are planning.


For details of the petition follow this link: STOP DISMANTLING THE NHS PETITION


For details of the Event follow this Facebook link:

3pm Defiance in the face of Austerity

At 3pm we gather in Parliament Square for a SILENT PROTEST to remember all those who have suffered at the hands of the government's unnecessary AUSTERITY policies.


We will be conducting a ceremony to draw attention to the fact that people are now dying because of Austerity.


If you would like to help Steve with some of the ceremony (banners and wreath bearers) please contact him - [email protected]

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