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By 999 Call for the NHS, Aug 7 2018 08:33PM

Steven Carne mulling over the mystery of the URLs

If you have the stomach for it, Roy Lilley's ditty today on his daily "mantra" that goes out every morning to NHS managers and their minions is quite enlightening. It's all about the inevitable journey we are all going to have to take to the ultimate cul-de-sac Rue de Digitech...

Mr Lilley, darling of the NHSWhiteCollars says at one point:

Technology is no respecter of tradition, Royal Colleges or trades unions. Babylon is attracting patients in their hundreds and primary care, in the home counties and commuter belts, will be hollowed out.

It is a deep concern that we have shared for many months now as campaigners in West London have battled with Babylon which licenses it's technology to virtual GP surgery providers like GP at Hand - protestors including GPs gathered in East London recently to oppose the expansion of the virtual service seen as another chisel in the NHS Chipaway toolbox. PROTEST IN EAST LONDON

Not only is the Bablyon App causing havoc in terms of Clinical Commissioning Groups funding (what happens when thousands of extra patients register in your CCG area on a digital app? Well NHS England step in of course...)

The smartphone virtual GP is also creating deep concerns about safe triage and patient welfare given that algorithms and tickboxes are replacing the human skills involved in high quality care. Surprising then to see at the very top of Monsieur Lilley's tosh a big advert for the CEO of Babylon, a certain "proud to be a disruptor" Ali Parsa who is giving a talk at the Royal College of Medicine about - well here's the pic

A sell-out indeed!

I'd be very surprised cos it's not actually AT the Kings Fund.

And here is a taste of Mr Ali Parsa in action. He is a supreme marketing wizard creating PR Editorial that is probably the envy of every clinical PR agency in London. It's easy to do but difficult to make it stick. Parsa is a master. Watch his interview as a panel member on the shipwreck that is BBC Newsnight. The video shows you his tricks very clearly.

There is of course never a mention of Ali Parsa CEO of CIRCLE who failed miserably in taking over Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Cambridgeshire 2013 - not enough money in it! So gave the hospital back to the NHS after just three years of a ten year contract

Anyway I thinks to meself after visiting the events page : Why is Roy Lilley, lover of the NHS, advertising Ali Parsa the man who wants to disrupt it with digitech apps that will totally undermine the idea that is the Art of Caring? Well... turns out the event is organised by something known as UK HealthGateway.

This rings a bell...

this is a little known company UK HEALTHGATEWAY LTD which is a company advising and presumably getting some dosh in return for advice and consultation on how best to peddle your wares in the ever growing competitive market being plonked on the unsuspecting NHS and the public who love it so. Mr Lilley is a Director of this company. But he loves the NHS. Doesnt everyone?

So - back to where we began - this lot also produce something called which sends out the daily email Newsletter from Mr Lilley.. this is a supreme example of just one miniscule maze of digital wonder and URL Hide-Behinds.

Bear with me, it is confusing because if you type in the URL you actually get taken to something called Institute of HealthCare Management and if you scroll down the ABOUT US page to the last paragraph it is frightening to see some of the names on the Advisory board..

Former Chair of NHS Improvement, Ed Smith,

Sam Jones, recently stepped down as Head of New Models of Care at NHSEngland,

Peter Homa, until January 2018, CEO of Nottingham Universtiy Hosptalsl NHSFT

Fabulous! Oh there is an Academy of Fabulous Stuff apparently! But that's a whole other URL...

So... After seeming to regret the Babylon App in his desktop mantra - turns out he's organising the blessed event at the Royal College of Medicine... ironically where the late Prof. Stephen Hawking gave one of his most powerful speeches about the role of private companies destroying the NHS. I wonder what he would make of Babylon Apps and other piranha fish digi-tech companies?

Suffice to say that whilst Senor Lilley, a Director in the Institute/UK HealthGateway/Fabulous Academy likes to talk about defending the NHS and welfare of manager (mostly) and patients, he can't quite shake the fact that he's really saying "the future is digital so shut up and get on with it". And he of course implies that any pesky campaigners or ne'er-do-wells who dare to question the role of hi-tech, smartphone apps and Artificial Intelligence in the future of healthcare is plainly a moron.

Well we can face it - technical advances are inevitable and should be welcomed into creating a better healthcare service for the future. The NHS before the market years was NEVER afraid of innovation and often led the way in research and new technology.

It's not the tech we're worried about. It's more the worry that the massive glut of entrepreneurial digital start-ups and Community Interest Companies, often partnered with dubious parent companies, are beginning not only to shape the future of healthcare but also manipulating it to meet their needs (profits) and not those of patients. And how accountable are these new digi-techs all hiding behind URLS of gateways, academies, institutes and .nets?

Take the fearful Artificial Intelligence company Alphabet Inc. the mother company of GOOGLE... well their little Artificial Intelligence exercise DeepMind was the subject of an Independent Review which Bloomberg reported as saying:

But guess what? The Independent Review was carried out by a panel of independent Reviewers HIRED BY DEEP MIND. So this review sounds rather hollow... THE PANEL

It's clear now all the moves towards Accountable Care Organisation models of care (call them what you like, quack quack) with all the nasty cuts and reconfigurations being made to fit the template, with more funding flowing directly into IT and Digi-tech Life Science companies, it is clear our NHS healthcare is becoming a feeding frenzy. We used to say the vultures are circling but vulutres only eat dead flesh.

The NHS is being kept alive on a drip and being forced to become the foodsource of the piranhas that are the Life Science and Digi-tech companies so eager to take a large bite.

So Mr Lilley. Chew on that.

By 999 Call for the NHS, Mar 20 2018 02:28PM

Steven Carne

Tues 20th March

To my horror this morning I came across a supreme example of all that we have been warning about for some time: profiteering private companies moving into controlling positions of our NHS, edging aside publicly accountable NHS organisations and local authorities.

The news? Well for those of us who know the familiar chess moves of the privateers it seems that USA’s Centene - through its subsidiary Centene UK -may be set to take over the NHS Commissioner’s role in a recently- awarded £206m community services contract, once the Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System is implemented.

This would allow the company to manage the contract and determine/influence the award of any sub-contracts – effectively closing that much talked about problematic "Purchaser Provider Split". What better way to solve it than to allow a private company controlling a local health and social care system to be able to commission itself?

Centene UK’s discredited subsidiary Ribera Salud – which is being kicked out of the Spanish public health service by the Valencia Green/Podemos/Socialist government –  has just appointed former New Labour Health Secretary Alan Milburn as a Director and has sent lots of executives to the UK to help Centene UK with its plan of buying primary care and mental health companies. Am I just imagining it?

It seems campaigners' worst fears may be being realised. Now we have to decide what are we all going to do to stop this happening.

First of all, let’s not be like the Trojans

I remember making a speech in Manchester in 2015 in Manchester. I was speaking about the dangers of DEVOMANC, which was being rolled out after secretive meetings between ten Labour Councils and then Chancellor George Osborne (look at the expression on Osborne's face below).

The spin was that devolving £6bn NHS funding to Greater Manchester local authorities with an elected Mayor and LOCAL decision making body, would enable the public and councillors and community leaders to make better decisions, control the destiny of their LOCAL environment, communities...

My speech was all about the mythical Trojan Horse. The long suffering people of Troy welcomed the Wooden Horse into their gates believing they had won the long war and the Greeks were leaving - only to be butchered and slaughtered at night by the soldiers contained within the belly of the wooden structure...

For me this is a symbol of what is happening now in our NHS.

Pretty sure local people in Manchester can tell us more about what their horse is looking like.

So waking up this morning to the Nottingham alert about their Sustainability & Transformation Plam reminded me of Manchester. They are both in the first group of local NHS and social care services to become an Accountable Care System and the image of that Trojan Horse loomed in my head as the possibility of its treacherous shell being dragged in and celebrated by the unsuspecting public appeared to be very real.

Yesterday's blog post reported Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Group’s award of a £206m out-of-hospital community services contract to a non-NHS community interest company.

As if that’s not bad enough, this new contract seemingly includes the strange proviso that when the Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System is set up (presumably hoping two national Judicial Reviews will not touch them) there will be a contract variation - saying that it is likely to replace the Clinical Commissioning Group with a “Care Integrator” - oh surpise... Centene.

Quick reminder:

USA corporation awarded a £2.7m contract last summer to help set up the Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System.

Shares in Ribera Salud the now-disgraced private healthcare company currently being investigated for fraud and being kicked out by Valencia government

Alan Milburn is now on the Board of RIbera Salud

Their execs over here supporting Centene

Alarm bells anyone? Read the whole shocking article by CLICKING HERE

So...don't be a Trojan and dont let councillors claim

It's All Greek To Me!

That's not good enough. Put them on the spot. Especially with urban council elections coming up. Let's make our elected representatives and local NHS organisatisations come clean about EXACTLY what the local Sustainabilty and Transformation Partnership’s plans are for becoming an Accountable Care System (which NHS England is currently redecorating as Integrated Care systems to escape those pesky American health care connotations).

In most areas, there will be plans for both STP “footprint” and “locality” Accountable/Integrated Care Systems. Ask them questions and demand some answers.

What happens when a private company assumes the NHS commissioner’s role in a complex contract involving many Accountable Care System “partners” - both NHS and corporate?

Are they happy with the possibility of a private company in charge of a massive contract for a period of 7 years or more? Thus making it impossible for the next government - whoever they are - to change the circumstances?

And what about the lack of public accountability - since as a private company they will claim COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY and will not answer to Freedom of Information requests? Commercial interests are one thing. What about patient and medical interests?

And lo the Horse did stand in the centre of the city and the good people did sleep

Unware of the army inside the belly of the beast...

Take a look at your LOCAL politics. Behind the mask of devolution - seemingly benign and helpful and progressive in its concern that LOCAL Councillors and public service organisations are seen to be participating in LOCAL decision making - is there yet more shrinking of the government's duty to protect the welfare of the whole population through good quality healthcare, education, social care... ?

Is your area talking about LOCAL control, more joined up thinking, an elected regional mayor, with Council cabinets making executive decisions that the full Council doesn’t get to debate or vote on?All under the guise of making politics more LOCAL, ACCOUNTABLE and INTEGRATED for the local population?

The glorious Trojan Horse that is Accountable Care.

It is time to say NO to Accountable Care - don't be bamboozled by the name changes and games that some local councils are playing. Visit our latest #NHS4ALL page to find out more.

There are things we can and must do.

Visit #NHS4ALL

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