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By 999callfornhs, Mar 25 2017 11:46AM

Repeat after me. The current government, the Conservative Party do not give a shit about what's good for the country,  only what's good for their own respectable middle class mostly. (Where that leaves the curious rural working class voter - like my dear old dad - is beyond me).

The Conservatives, in power with their Evening Standard, Daily Mail, BBC, SKY foot soldiers continue to wreck public services and ultimately the medical, social and financial health and wellbeing of the population. Most people are worse off. Some are beginning to starve. Some have even died. But that's OK.  It's their bloody fault anyway. In the world's 6th largest economy how dare people need help? They should jolly well learn to look after themselves better. Conservatives do not give a shit about anything outside the golf club, the private school, the annual summer fete and large personal bank accounts.

Plain. Simple. Nothing new really.

Conservatives have never shared a liking for political wellbeing for all. That would endanger the species. But what is new is the level of carnage and destruction they can now wreak because now of course they have Brexit that they can hide behind. 

The people of the nation have voted and now they can carry out their most extreme selfish policies with the excuse they're only trying to do their best for the population that voted to be abused, a population that voted to be protected from marauding tribes of bloody immigrants, a population that needs policies to protect them from dangerous unions fighting for worker's and people's rights, policies to support the rich and deserving while they punish the inconvenient mentally ill, the disabled, the undeserving poor...

As their beloved Austerity regime bites hard to resist change, knowing they have limited time before the population really does turn it's anger on them, the Conservatives will now wrap their draconian policies in hard invisible heavy chains to enslave a nation that deserves nothing more. Repeat after me.  The Conservatives do not give a shit.

There are two videos interviewing EX-CONSERVATIVE voters who are now unable to recognise the party they thought they always understood.

Here: https://youtu.be/bIkavYXK8VQ

Next thought... How do you know when you're in a Passive Aggressive Political relationship?

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We know it's going to take political legislation to bring back the NHS into public hands but we remain independent of all the parties in order to lobby and pressure all the parties. We are about people and the NHS they should be able to keep.



So to all MPs and politicians -   If the policy fits, we'll support it.  

The House of Lords is holding a Commission to look at the "Long Term Sustainability of the NHS". It is clear to us that this is a very poor and ill-thought out exercise with a pure bias towards the belief that the future is bleak and we will have to endure changes - the biggest of course being CHARGES and health insurance schemes



Simple, honest and true.


Join us in demanding the Lords Committee look at the Public option. One that they are clearly ignoring right now.