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By 999callfornhs, Jan 15 2017 08:00AM

by a passionate nurse

who walked 300 miles from Jarrow to London

Earlier today I posted about the programme Hospital that aired on BBC last night and it's good to see that I'm not the only one who is horrified by what it showed. We all seem to be in agreement that the NHS is in crisis but, after spending the day working in the NHS on a programme to reduce the incidence of preventable disease, I do feel the need to refute some of the responses made to the post.

The NHS is in crisis due to underfunding

The NHS is in crisis due to funding being siphoned off to the private sector & not reinvested in patient care

The NHS is in crisis due to the political ideology of the current government where everything has to respond to market forces - even the care of the sick and care of the vulnerable amongst us.

It's not Foreigners

Most people who come to the UK do so to get work. They pay their taxes and contribute financially to the NHS, so are perfectly entitled to use it. For those who have come here seeking safety, whether that be from war, oppression or poverty, I am proud to offer them sanctuary and hope that the NHS can lessen their suffering in some way.

It's not people who harm themselves

Those whose mental health has deteriorated to this point deserve treatment and support from the NHS in exactly the same way as people with physical pain and other symptoms.

It's not because people attend A&E with minor illnesses & injuries

They are probably there because they can't get a GP appointment or their local urgent care centre has been closed.

It's not people with a dependence on alcohol or drugs

For people whose lives are so difficult that they have an increasing dependence on something that alters their mood deserve treatment and support as much as anyone else. Apart from anything else it will cost the NHS less in the long run if they get help.

It's not overseas health workers taking our jobs

Those with highly sought after skills are enticed to come and work here to fill the gap left by the government's lack of investment in education and training for our young people. Today I have worked with staff from the Phillipines, India, Hungary and Egypt and feel privileged to share the care of our patients with them.

It's not people who are obese

There are a multitude of reasons why people become overweight, many linked to stress and poverty as well as disease. Judging them harshly or withdrawing their access to care won't resolve the physical or psychological issues they may have.

It's not greedy doctors

Why shouldnt they expect to earn a good wage and still have time to spend with their families like normal people? The junior doctors dispute has highlighted the dangers of doctors having to make life changing decisions whilst tired and overworked. And it seems completely illogical to me that someone with the skills to save your life can't earn as much as someone who has the skills to work in a merchant bank or manage a hedge fund.

It's not people living longer with complex medical needs

People are living longer with complex needs thanks to the NHS, not despite it.

Sorry if I've gone on a bit (or even a lot) but please, don't be drawn into the politics of hate and division. Those of us who work in the NHS don't judge those who need treatment. We just get on and treat them, because that's what the NHS is for. The only way to save it is to stand together, oppose the privatisation of services and support each other. Target your anger and ire at the right people.

Those making the policies that are passing the NHS into the hands of global corporations, not the victims of those policies. Become an activist, join a local NHS campaign and stop being a bystander.


By 999callfornhs, Jul 8 2016 12:14PM


Margaret Greenwood, MP for Wirral West, will try to table the NHS Reinstatement Bill as a cross-party Ten Minute Rule Bill next Wednesday, 13th July 2016, immediately after Prime Minister’s Questions at about 12.30 p.m.

She will have 10 minutes to speak in favour of the Bill, one other MP can speak for 10 minutes against it, and then it can be put to the vote. If the vote is won, it will go forward for a second reading. It will be behind many other Bills and so will not become law in this session of Parliament – but it will help in building support outside Parliament and in keeping the pressure on MPs.

The privatisation of the NHS in England will continue until we have a law to stop it, so please ask your MP to attend the debate and to support the Bill.

NHS cuts, privatisation and fragmentation continue. New legislation is needed to stop and reverse the damage. These cuts and changes are being carried out across England under Simon Stevens’ 5 Year Forward View. Where they are further advanced, they are bringing disaster in their wake.

The NHS in England is being dismantled. Only a change to the law can stop the damage. Now more than ever.

To reverse the damage, the NHS must be reinstated in a civilised form that restores it to full public ownership, management and funding, with a duty on the Secretary of State to provide a comprehensive, universal health service that is free at the point of need and based on patients’ clinical needs.

Therefore we urge you to contact your MP and ask them to attend the House of Commons debate on 13th July and support the Bill so it can go forward to a second reading. Please tell them why this is important to you.

There is more related information from the NHS Reinstatement Bill Campaign Group here; and here the Bill’s main author, Professor Allyson Pollock,  analyses the NHS crisis and appropriate responses to it.

By 999callfornhs, May 11 2016 02:42PM

Wakey Wakey!!
Wakey Wakey!!

I woke up as I often do these trying to get the NHS out of my head. I need an alarm clock because my phone is not a good device to have so close to the bed. From 6am on a daily basis the pings begin and I know the NHS Resistance is beginning its day. Some fighters will not have even gone to bed but have waited until they know others are up, or in bed scrolling through Facebook & Twitter and email. It’s a comfort knowing you’re not the only idiot online struggling to remain sane in the face of madness.

It was a pleasant surprise then to find @CommonsPAC (House of Commons Public Accounts Committee) tweeting reports from their afternoon listening to a load of old guff from the likes of Jeremy Hunt and Simon Stevens, CEO of NHS England. The opportunity of watching Hunt & Stevens sitting opposite a group of MPs was intriguing. I managed 20minutes of Parliament TV before reaching for the potato peeler in a vain attempt to end it all.

However the link is here and it is worth having a scroll through if only to confirm your suspicion that the NHS is being ruled by heartless, gutless, dishonest toe-rags who really do deserve to wait for 8 hours on a kerbside for an ambulance after being senselessly beaten around the head with a Clinical Commissioning Group agenda.

The brave can watch and wonder here : PARLIAMENT TV

Anyway... tweeting this morning the Commons Public Accounts Committee offer their considered reply to the “report” delivered by Mr Hunt & Stevens of NHS Stolen. And it’s hopeful. Well... sort of.

The Committee concludes "national bodies need to get a better grip on the supply of clinical staff in order to address current and future workforce pressures". Loosen the grip might be more fitting for the dark lords of NHS England who are strangling the NHS by DEfunding it and busily creating enough top-down managerial departments, consultation committees and independent councils to staff Brussels, the Kremlin & the White House and still have a few leftover.

You know you’re in trouble when you start quoting Shakespeare. But when you look at the *unt and henchman Stevens, Hamlet keeps popping up like a glove puppet on acid.

Simon Stevens is...
Simon Stevens is...

Shakespeare knew what he was talking about. He must have had some dealings with Health Privatisers even in 1599. Actually the more you dig you realise making money out of people’s health misfortunes has been going on a very long time. If you fancy two minutes of recent dark NHS History - here you go. 2MINS NHS FAX

“Unrealistic" efficiency targets

The Committee finds NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts have been set unrealistic efficiency targets, leading to "overly optimistic and aggressive staffing profiles" which have in turn led to staffing shortfalls.

Efficiency Knives
Efficiency Knives

This is what got me smiling this morning and I sincerely hope that the Public Accounts Committee are sincerely honest in their statement. Although I seriously doubt they fully appreciate just how important it is at this time when arch-demon Simon Stevens is pushing through a policy so damaging and destructive in its vision that if successful will overhaul the NHS to become a replica of the American healthcare model based on insurance and ability to pay. He should know as he was President of Global Strategy at America’s largest medical health corporation United Health. Good article on him here: SIMON STEVENS

We are of course talking about the Dark Lord Stevens’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs). These are being forced onto NHS Trusts & NHS Foundation Trusts now that the he has divided them all into 44 teams/districts/groups - he calls them footprints. Trouble is the feet making the prints are wearing steel toecaps with 2 inch spiked heels.

By the end of June 2016, on top of the usual annual planning documents they are required to submit to NHS England, Trusts and their new allies - local councils & authorities plus charities & 3rd Sector (vile term) organisations, are now being coerced into presenting these STPs to expose how they are going to remove their deficits in 12 months whilst at the same time improving healthcare! There’s only one way to do that. Slash services, slash beds, slash staff, slash everything. Then smile. Well done. Things are running much more smoothly and efficiently. And they say you get used to heels...

You can read the Public Accounts Committee reports here. Well worth skimming through but don't stay too long "as that way madness lies". MADNESS

Staying in classical mood Shakespeare really knew his stuff. Further online research this morning I discovered an early version of NHS King Lear. Simon Stevens would be perfect in this role.


Meantime we shall express our darker purpose

Know that we have divided

Into 44 our kingdom, and ’tis our fast intent

To shake all public cares and business from our NHS,

Conferring them on spreadsheet strengths while the public

Unburdened crawl toward death with no ambulances

Twixt dale and moor.

Of all these bounds, even from this line to this,

With shadowy forests and with champains riched,

With plenteous rivers and wide-skirted meads,

We make thee have to travel up to 60 miles for emergency care.

Shakespeare. Timeless. No wonder he’s one of our best. There is a positive side too. After all who could forget his immortal rally cry of the NHS Campaigner?

We few, we happy and often bloody angry few,

We band of brothers, sisters and non-gender specific;

For he/she/other to-day that sheds his/her/other blood with me

Shall be my brother/sister/non-gender specific friend.

For fight we shall until the enemy is thrust back

Into the dark, into the corporate swarm

From whence it came.

To find out more about the destructive STPS click here: FOOTPRINTS

By 999callfornhs, Apr 22 2016 09:26AM

Investigating is Tricky
Investigating is Tricky

We began NHS Detectives as a bit of a joke late in 2015. In a way it was something creative and "fun" to relieve the relentless onslaught of awful news we were being bombarded with from NHS England, NHS Confederation, NHS Employers, NHS QUEST, NHS Providers - the list just goes on and on. That's not even close to the daily news we recieve from local hospital campaign groups who are fighting desperately to keep their services in place.

Our work to "Connect.Organise.Inspire" has been arduous but it's working. Campaign groups are now in touch with one another and we have encouraged this from the very start. We always dreamed that people would fight locally because that is vital - but they would understand that their local situation was a duplication of exactly what was happening across the country. A&E's downgraded, Maternity Wards moved due to safety, Paediatrics the same... all part of the national pattern of wilful destruction of the NHS by Simon Stevens' Five Year Forward View. A rather glamorous "caring sharing" sounding document that set out a plan to rescue and "transform" the NHS that was fast becoming unsustainable and suffering a crisis of monumental proportions.

Simon Stevens, former Blair advisor, former President (9years) of Global Strategy with American private-for-profit health corporation United Health, Simon Stevens who lobbied in Washington DC to pressure the TransAtlantic Trade & Investment Partnership... Simon Stevens the boss, CEO of NHS England as of 2014... Simon Stevens became our first case. THe case is now open again and the NHS Detectives are re-examining the evidence. Simon Stevens is not the saviour of a broken NHS. He is the designer of the coffin.

Next came an exercise in mapping the private companies (THE MAP). Twitterers and FB'rs sent in info and we began to build a map. It's a bit rough round the edges. It became a huge task. (If anyone is interested in helping to continue building let us know.) But even after only one week of building it began to provide a fearful picture of just how far we have let our NHS be eaten into by private companies - not just in providing services, that is not the real problem. The real deathknoll for our public NHS is the strategic position many of these companies have squeezed themsleves into. They are now advisors, support, managers, planning and strategy formulators working quite happily with Simon Stevens' 5YFV (catchy title).

It works just like breaking up a company - too big to take over all at once, break it up into pieces then take over each of those little bits. THEN - here comes the clever bit.... tell us all what's needed is "joined up care" , "integrated care" that the division between all the NHS Trusts, Foundation Trusts, the Providers, the Commissioners is in need of cleaner, safer, smoother process and it can be fixed by making it more connected, more integrated - sort of the way it used to be twenty five years ago only this time with the private companies inside the fabric, inside the net we always thought was there for our safety.

Clever. Break it up. Move in. Take over. Stick it back together with few new Acute Care models thrown in, close or downgrade the hospitals and services that you dont want as they won't make any money, drag charities in to do the "face" damage (no one likes to criticise a charity), and force communities to be more resilient. Clever.

All the while campaigners struggle with the mindboggling question. Are these corporate business types evil people who have nothing in their heads but the right hand column of the accountsl spreadsheet? Or are they misguided in their belief that they are doing the right thing to help our nation stay healthy? Stupid? Evil? That's the question.

Stupid or duplicitous?
Stupid or duplicitous?

The more you investigate the more that question grows and the overriding feeling that there must be an awful lot of confused, mentally conflicted individuals who, even now whilst you are reading this, are sitting in meetings sitting politiely listening to a speaker rabbiting on about Improvement, Care, Quality, Future Health and Transformation, Sustainability. The evil process of privatisation we fight is complex, multi-faceted and in places subtle and ethereal. It's imbued in designer graphics, photographs of arthritic pensioners, mainstream media stories of NHS Staff unable to cope, pamphlets, patients groups, and good people doing good things... Like the Health Foundation who can criticise a charity who want better health?

We call it the 4Point Click. 1 - Go to a site. 2 - About Us. 3 - Governance 4 - Board/NonExec and there these evil twisted mentally conflicted individuals sit, usually smiling at you in a way that is chilling. Give it a go. Follow the link below. Try the 4 point click. Let us know what you start to dig up.

Your Mission if you wish to accept it... CLUE - McKinsey

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So to all MPs and politicians -   If the policy fits, we'll support it.  

The House of Lords is holding a Commission to look at the "Long Term Sustainability of the NHS". It is clear to us that this is a very poor and ill-thought out exercise with a pure bias towards the belief that the future is bleak and we will have to endure changes - the biggest of course being CHARGES and health insurance schemes



Simple, honest and true.


Join us in demanding the Lords Committee look at the Public option. One that they are clearly ignoring right now.