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By 999 Call for the NHS, Jan 7 2016 09:18AM

Veronika Wagner makes it easy to understand

How many hospital visits can you remember where the ward or department was fully staffed with nurses, nurses got their breaks and had time for patients?

We have a shortage of nurses in the UK (just for starters 1200 matrons/ very senior nurse posts were cut as was reported recently). So one would think that the government would do their best to attract more nurses and get more people to train as nurses.

If you or I wanted to get people to choose a particular job or career, would we treat them well and make them feel welcome? Or would we – like the government—effectively block a lot of nurse recruitment from abroad, make those from outside the EU leave if they earn less than £35,000 per year, and scrap student nurses’ bursaries, making it financially impossible for many people to train as nurses, especially for mature students with families?

To anyone with common sense, these measures seem like a sure fire way to make sure as few people as possible train as nurses.

Now this is where government spin comes in: these policies are being sold to us as “recruiting more nurses and student nurses”, as having a lot more nurses than we used to have, and as all being well with the NHS. NewSpeak rules supreme, Black is White, nurse shortages are more nurses, financial hardship for student nurses will attract more people to become nurses.

Clear as mud?

If you and your loved ones wish to be cared for and treated in a publicly owned and funded and accountable NHS now and in the future then please get behind the student nurses’ bursary marches which are happening all over the country this coming weekend 9th and 10th January 2016.

In London (the main march and UK info page) Facebook Event Page

Newcastle Facebook Event Page

Middlesborough Facebook Event Page

Manchester Facebook Event Page

See you on the streets!

By 999 Call for the NHS, Nov 9 2015 11:49PM

Today's Daily Mail has enjoyed filling its front page with GREED OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR FAT CATS.

This after years of persuading the public sector to mimic and resemble the corporate sector by attracting top CEOs who need high salaries - I mean how else are you going to attract these skilful and marvellous people to help and run the public services unless you allow them big fat wallets and a lifestyle akin to their private profit driven counterparts in the commercial market world? So now it's (almost) hilarious that the shallow unethical world of commercial politics reveals itself one more time. The question on my lips is: How many more bloody times do we as a nation have to endure this bullshit before we stand up and take proper action?

The Daily Mail never fails to surprise. And maybe that is the problem. Like onscreen violence and daily news of horror we've become numb to the moral failings and devisive lies it regularly pedals out to the lazy, the confused, the loyal lower middle classes, who for some reason find it a comfort to ingest a daily diet of condescending outrage and indignation.

It wont surprise when, after a few warm up punches, it turns neatly and squarely on the Junior Doctors and gives them a full kick to the groin as ungrateful, militant marxist trouble making hounds of hell who have "Secret plans to con patients and cripple the NHS with a mass walkout" which will "plunge the NHS into its biggest ever crisis"

Oh yes, just like the fat cats, the Junior Doctors will be vilified as the reason the NHS will be a disaster this winter. The doctors need to be careful and the public need to understand this is a downright lie. 999 Call for the NHS are ready to support them all the way if they vote to strike. None of the doctors want to strike but they have been pushed, rammed into a space between a Conservative rock and an NHS England hard place.

But dont take my word for it. Dr Youssef El-Ginghy GP & author of 'How to dismantle the NHS in 10 easy steps' sees it too. Read more on his Huffington Post.

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