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By 999 Call for the NHS, Nov 26 2019 01:13AM

It seems the corporate world has learnt that people are cottoning on to the fact that if you outsource everything from bog roll to chemo nothing works as it's all fragmented, nothing is connected and in addition to losing control of EVERYTHING you also lose that vital organism - INFRASTRUCTURE!

The latest wheeze to come out of those clever boys and girls in suits and offices with table football and communal kitchens - oops! hubs sorry - is INSourcing. Apparently the word and practice has been around a few years but like most things it takes a little while for the buzzword effect to take on.

OUTSourcing is so 2012

Yep time to bring everything "back in-house". Sounds great. 999 Call for the NHS has - along with many others - been crying out for renationalisation of the NHS since 2014. But this InSourcing lark is confusing to say the least.

In Out In Out - Confused? You will be...
In Out In Out - Confused? You will be...

The discovery of yet another layer of embedded corporate meddling going on with the NHS framework has led us to a state of bewilderment. In addition to the Health Support Services Framework (see blog previous) which sees over 100 large global private companies offering "support" behind the blue logo there is also the NHS Shared Business Services... another layer of partnerships and best practice collaborators who are keen to interfere wherever they are welcome (or not).

And now they are promoting INSourcing... it's not OUTSourcing. Well let Phil Davies from the Shared Business Services explain...

"Insourcing - not to be confused with outsourcing - is where a third party provider of secondary care uses an NHS organisation's premises and equipment to deliver extra clinical capacity, outside of when they are normally in use. In most cases it is essentially an extension of a hospital's existing clinical service."

So... rather than send a patient to the private hospital down the road they will keep the patient within the hospital grounds but still use an external provider to boost the hospital services. And even just use the operating theatres at night when no one else is using them.

Sort of... Outsourcing... sort of thing... only not... well... In, out, shake it all about...

What's even more confusing is the statement on the Alliance Health Group website

"Our members are all NHS consultants and so understand healthcare from management to delivery, and how to make it better. Using our knowledge we assist NHS Trusts to identify their strategy, improve and deliver outstanding patient care."

So this is a company made up of NHS trained staff who are now setting themselves up as Doctorpreneurs. The staff are dividing and dividing... it's not OUTSourcing though. It's INSourcing

So that's a relief.

Only... not really. We might be a bit stupid but it doesn't make sense.

Especially as Labour has now introduced its "INSourcing Revolution"

Democratising Local Public Services: A Plan for Twenty-First Century Insourcing – Labour’s blueprint for a radical overhaul of local government – will be announced today at an event in London held by Labour’s Community Wealth Building Unit, a network of councillors and experts working together to rebuild local economies, renew faith in local services and deliver a renaissance of local government in communities across Britain in the face of austerity.

We're keeping our eyes and ears open along with many colleagues who operate within the Labour Party framework. We are hoping that Labour Insourcing is not the Shared Busines Services type of INSourcing which is not OutSourcing either...

The job of undoing all this complicated (deliberate) layering of corporate meddling management with its murky vague grey areas of crossover and under and around - it's going to be a huge task. Only a call for full renationalisation and a return to a public service model can save the NHS.

We have to force the corporate sector OUT. Does that involve INSourcing? We'll have to wait and see.

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