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By 999 Call for the NHS, Aug 30 2019 11:11PM

999 Call for the NHS supports the campaign with WeOwnIt & Keep Our NHS Public to really get our NHS ‘off the table’ in any trade talks with Trump.

A trade deal with Donald Trump is a danger to our NHS.

The only way to get the NHS off the table is for Parliament to urgently create legislation - along the lines of the NHS Reinstatement Bill - that entirely removes privatisation and competition, closes the door on US healthcare giants and protects our regulatory standards.

What YOU can do

- make sure Johnson feels the big oomph! to legislate NOW to take the NHS off the table in Trump trade talks.

Visit the WeOwnIt site ( address at the end of this blog below) where they've made it easy to make your voice heard. Start by inserting your postcode and the rest is simple.

Successive governments have starved the NHS of funding

all the better to create pressure to sell off 70 years worth of unique patient data to global companies.

A recent EY (Ernst & Young) consultancy paper trumpets the NHS’s “significant data assets” that cover the entire UK population from birth to death. Current data held by the NHS today amounts to 55 million GP patient records and an estimated 23 million patient-episodic care records that are held by hospital trusts and include details on admissions and medical interventions in accident and emergency departments.

The EY money grabbers, anxious to feed their corporate clients, reckon that the value to a commercial organisation of the curated NHS dataset could be as much as £5bn per annum.

They attempt to sweeten the nasty taste of stealing patients’ confidential medical data to sell to profiteering companies with the suggestion that, sold off to commercial organisations, this could:

“deliver around £4.6bn of benefit to patients per annum, in potential operational savings for the NHS, enhanced patient outcomes and generation of wider economic benefits to the UK.”

This is cobblers. The NHS is capable of delivering benefit to patients on the basis of data in our patient records. There’s NO NEED to sell it off to commercial companies. And it’s probably not even lawful to do so.

EY’s recent paper confirms what we've known about the consultancy company’s intentions for some time. For at least the last 7 years EY's been advising its corporate clients about ‘capturing value from the human body as data platform’.

As in its 2012 Global Life Sciences Report, . Progressions – the third place: health care everywhere

And in its 2018 paper

In a CK999 "revolving door" blog it is clear that there are meshed corporate and government interests in the NHS England Long Term Plan

We need an updated NHS Bill 

to prevent the hijack of the NHS by life sciences, big pharma and digital technology companies. We are calling for an update to the NHS Reinstatement Bill.

We think it's common sense. The landscape of the NHS has been altered so radically and

in the face of NHS England's proposed legislative changes for Accountable Care Organisations (now rebranded as Integrated Care Providers), we are loudly advocating for an updated NHS Reinstatement Bill that puts medical innovation including DIGITAL & AI into public hands – in order to protect the NHS from the real agenda of Accountable Care: what Ernst and Young calls "capturing value from the human body as data platform.

You could call this the "Facebook model" of healthcare where an apparently free service is monetised by capturing users’ data. In pursuit of this goal, the NHS is being broken up and massively redisorganised into a testbed for life sciences and digital technology corporations’ “disruptive innovations” (their positive spin).

Post-Brexit, the government’s aim is to export these disruptive innovations to China, India, Saudi Arabia, Africa, leaving NHS patients stranded high and dry with a rump service, while the huge wealth of 70 years of millions of patients’ confidential medical data is mined for the profit of life sciences and digitech companies.

You just have to watch NHS England’s Director of Transforming Health Systems Michael Macdonnell jump ship to join Google’s Deep Mind Health.

His job will be to strengthen DeepMind’s partnerships in the NHS and overseas with the aim of applying AI to clinical practice.

Accountable/Integrated Care business and clinical models – whatever rebranded names they may go by – serve the interests of life sciences and digital technology companies, not of NHS frontline staff, patients and public.

The recent Darzi/Institute for Public Policy Research report makes this clear.

And so does May’s speech about the promised £20bn extra NHS funding by 2023.

To prevent the hijack of the NHS by life sciences, big pharma and digital technology companies, we suggest that an updated NHS Reinstatement Bill must bring the development of drugs and life science/medical technologies into public ownership through the establishment of a National Health Innovation Authority, and at a regional level, should replace Academic Health Science Networks with regional Health Innovation Boards.

This would restore evidence-based, clinically effective practices and cut costs by ending profiteering. It would redesign medical innovation as “Health Innovation as a public good”, driven by public health needs and social justice. This must be transparent and accountable to the public; deliver products and interventions that improve health outcomes, and that are accessible and affordable to all; and it must contribute to the progressive realization of the right to health.

There should be clear guarantees about data protection for patients’ confidential medical data and a refusal to put this on the market for purchase by private companies. This huge unparalleled source of health data must remain in public ownership for the public benefit.

Tony O’Sullivan, Co-Chair of Keep Our NHS Public, agrees

"The future of the NHS is more uncertain than ever as we face the threat of a No Deal Brexit and rushed through trade deals with the US. In [this] context, the risk that the commercial exploitation of NHS data is 'on the table' for negotiation, is chilling.”

Add your voice. Visit the WeOwnIt website now. It takes no more than 2minutes.

By 999 Call for the NHS, Mar 20 2018 02:28PM

Steven Carne

Tues 20th March

To my horror this morning I came across a supreme example of all that we have been warning about for some time: profiteering private companies moving into controlling positions of our NHS, edging aside publicly accountable NHS organisations and local authorities.

The news? Well for those of us who know the familiar chess moves of the privateers it seems that USA’s Centene - through its subsidiary Centene UK -may be set to take over the NHS Commissioner’s role in a recently- awarded £206m community services contract, once the Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System is implemented.

This would allow the company to manage the contract and determine/influence the award of any sub-contracts – effectively closing that much talked about problematic "Purchaser Provider Split". What better way to solve it than to allow a private company controlling a local health and social care system to be able to commission itself?

Centene UK’s discredited subsidiary Ribera Salud – which is being kicked out of the Spanish public health service by the Valencia Green/Podemos/Socialist government –  has just appointed former New Labour Health Secretary Alan Milburn as a Director and has sent lots of executives to the UK to help Centene UK with its plan of buying primary care and mental health companies. Am I just imagining it?

It seems campaigners' worst fears may be being realised. Now we have to decide what are we all going to do to stop this happening.

First of all, let’s not be like the Trojans

I remember making a speech in Manchester in 2015 in Manchester. I was speaking about the dangers of DEVOMANC, which was being rolled out after secretive meetings between ten Labour Councils and then Chancellor George Osborne (look at the expression on Osborne's face below).

The spin was that devolving £6bn NHS funding to Greater Manchester local authorities with an elected Mayor and LOCAL decision making body, would enable the public and councillors and community leaders to make better decisions, control the destiny of their LOCAL environment, communities...

My speech was all about the mythical Trojan Horse. The long suffering people of Troy welcomed the Wooden Horse into their gates believing they had won the long war and the Greeks were leaving - only to be butchered and slaughtered at night by the soldiers contained within the belly of the wooden structure...

For me this is a symbol of what is happening now in our NHS.

Pretty sure local people in Manchester can tell us more about what their horse is looking like.

So waking up this morning to the Nottingham alert about their Sustainability & Transformation Plam reminded me of Manchester. They are both in the first group of local NHS and social care services to become an Accountable Care System and the image of that Trojan Horse loomed in my head as the possibility of its treacherous shell being dragged in and celebrated by the unsuspecting public appeared to be very real.

Yesterday's blog post reported Nottingham Clinical Commissioning Group’s award of a £206m out-of-hospital community services contract to a non-NHS community interest company.

As if that’s not bad enough, this new contract seemingly includes the strange proviso that when the Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System is set up (presumably hoping two national Judicial Reviews will not touch them) there will be a contract variation - saying that it is likely to replace the Clinical Commissioning Group with a “Care Integrator” - oh surpise... Centene.

Quick reminder:

USA corporation awarded a £2.7m contract last summer to help set up the Greater Nottingham Accountable Care System.

Shares in Ribera Salud the now-disgraced private healthcare company currently being investigated for fraud and being kicked out by Valencia government

Alan Milburn is now on the Board of RIbera Salud

Their execs over here supporting Centene

Alarm bells anyone? Read the whole shocking article by CLICKING HERE

So...don't be a Trojan and dont let councillors claim

It's All Greek To Me!

That's not good enough. Put them on the spot. Especially with urban council elections coming up. Let's make our elected representatives and local NHS organisatisations come clean about EXACTLY what the local Sustainabilty and Transformation Partnership’s plans are for becoming an Accountable Care System (which NHS England is currently redecorating as Integrated Care systems to escape those pesky American health care connotations).

In most areas, there will be plans for both STP “footprint” and “locality” Accountable/Integrated Care Systems. Ask them questions and demand some answers.

What happens when a private company assumes the NHS commissioner’s role in a complex contract involving many Accountable Care System “partners” - both NHS and corporate?

Are they happy with the possibility of a private company in charge of a massive contract for a period of 7 years or more? Thus making it impossible for the next government - whoever they are - to change the circumstances?

And what about the lack of public accountability - since as a private company they will claim COMMERCIAL CONFIDENTIALITY and will not answer to Freedom of Information requests? Commercial interests are one thing. What about patient and medical interests?

And lo the Horse did stand in the centre of the city and the good people did sleep

Unware of the army inside the belly of the beast...

Take a look at your LOCAL politics. Behind the mask of devolution - seemingly benign and helpful and progressive in its concern that LOCAL Councillors and public service organisations are seen to be participating in LOCAL decision making - is there yet more shrinking of the government's duty to protect the welfare of the whole population through good quality healthcare, education, social care... ?

Is your area talking about LOCAL control, more joined up thinking, an elected regional mayor, with Council cabinets making executive decisions that the full Council doesn’t get to debate or vote on?All under the guise of making politics more LOCAL, ACCOUNTABLE and INTEGRATED for the local population?

The glorious Trojan Horse that is Accountable Care.

It is time to say NO to Accountable Care - don't be bamboozled by the name changes and games that some local councils are playing. Visit our latest #NHS4ALL page to find out more.

There are things we can and must do.

Visit #NHS4ALL

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