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By 999 Call for the NHS, Aug 1 2014 04:37PM


Earlier this year, through the accidental and uncertain world of social media, I had the happy fortune to bump into a grumpy mum from Darlington who - so refreshingly - spoke with heartfelt passion and a grounded belief in the positive values of the National Health Service. Joanna (you can read her blog by clicking on the “older button” below) and I ranted on the phone for an hour and since then I have gladly been involved in helping Joanna, Rehana and the #darlomums get the People’s March together in any way I can.

For me the People’s March is about waking the public up to the lies and deceitful tactics that are being used against us by politicians who say the love the NHS but really all they love is the opportunity to break it up and sell it off to private corporations to make a profit.

Profit from illness? It’s a barbaric and frankly sadistic notion. Somehow, since the Thatcher 80’s, a myth that private business knows better how to run an organisation has been etched into the public psyche and it is only now that we are realising that the myth is a lie. Corporations and Private Businesses only run organisations to make money. Simple. They really do not give a hoot how sick you are - if you can pay they’ll look after you.

A dear friend in the USA recently had to undergo a double mastectomy. Not only did she have to go through the trauma of needing treatment, her main worry was deciding which treatment to have - based on what she could afford! She has insurance, she’s a lecturer. But she was told her insurance did not cover certain types of treatment. So she had to decide based on financial ability not what was best for her. She had the operation but weeks later removed her own drain as she could not find a local hospital to take it out - they would not touch it because she’d had the operation in a hospital several hours away and the insurance plan did not cover it.

The NHS is an institution that truly makes the UK a civilised caring society. But of course to someone who wants to make money that is an offensive idea. Power. Trains. Post Office. Water. And now the latest victim of the greedy business world is our NHS. Even though recently found to be the World’s most efficient and cost-effective Health Service by the USA Washington based Commonwealth Fund, the current Government and (it pains me to say this) even previous Governments have managed to paint a picture of the NHS as one of extreme failure, inadequacy and incompetence. Don’t believe it. My experience of staff has always been “bloody hell how do they do it?”. Always respectful, polite, helpful, caring despite tiredness and abuse from the public at times.

I’m supporting the People’s March because I have had my eyes opened to the dirty trickery of modern politics and business amorality. We need to alert the public, let them know we can stop the privatisation pirates and keep alive what is one of the most dignified and beautiful institutions in our country. Please join in any way you can to help make the People’s March an event to stop the killing of the NHS.

Right now it needs money. Sadly it is that simple. To make the final day of the March in London a huge event which it deserves to be - the #darlomums need dosh to close roads, pay for policing etc. It's a huge job. And everyone is doing this as volunteers because they share a love and a vision of an NHS that symbolises a caring nation.


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