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Judicial Review SUPPORT

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Ken Loach has long been a fan of our campaign. In St.Albans during our People's March he came to speak at the rally in the town centre.


After speaking at an event in Darlington on the 9th April and meeting up with DarloMum Joanne Land and our founder Joanna Adams - he was keen to publicly show his support once again.


This is his full message of solidarity.

Thanks Ken.


Don't forget we would love everyone to use the day to raise the issue of Accountable Care in their local region via social media.  Get to know your local paper social media pages, TV & Radio stations, town notice board pages.


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Justice4NHS Rally outside the   24/4/18

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Ken Loach offers his support

'The NHS is being threatened with its very existence. Bit by bit the Tories are taking it apart. Profit is replacing medical need. This is not reform - it is replacement.


That is why we should all support the Darlo Mums and the 999 Call for the NHS. 'Accountable Care Organisations' are the latest idea to undermine the core principles of the NHS: care should not only be available to all free of charge and determined by medical need but all who work for it should be directly employed with proper, secure contracts.


Nye Bevan, the founder of the NHS, said it would last as long as there were people who would fight for it. He could have been thinking of the Darlo Mums. Please support them, join them if you can, and make certain we make the political changes we need to reclaim our NHS.'

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If you can make it to Leeds for 9am join us outside the courts for a rally of support and strong testimonies of why we need the NHS to remain a comprehensive healkthcare service for all.

Jonathan Pie gives some serious thought.

Back in February Jonathan Pie read our Judicial Review Press Releases and offered this message just as he was about to set off on his national tour.


Stephanie Cole gives her backing

Stephanie Cole has been a long time campaigner for the NHS. Click on the link button to watch her short video about her memories of growing up BEFORE the NHS came into being.

Stephanie Cole NHS IN STITCHES

Successive Governments have driven our NHS to privatisation. We are on the brink of losing it and now is the time to be as vocal as possible. And to be braver in our fight.  Please support 999 Call for the NHS  with their Judicial Review. I wish the team and campaigners up and down the country all the very best.