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You did it!

A huge thanks to all the backers

who donated towards our

potential court costs.


Why we need a legal challenge

Our Judicial Review



If you have backed us on the CrowdJustice page we will be updating you as and when we know of developments.


However we have prepared a FAQ Sheet which you can download.


Click on the link to download a .pdf file

999 JR FAQ's


Being a People's Justice Ambassador means you can be a part of the team.

Helping us to get word out to the public. Helping to explain why the Judicial Review matters to everyone.


This could involve using email and social media and also spreading the word in your neighbourhood through friends and colleagues.


We are currently creating our "campaign toolkit" and you will have plenty of resources to help you.


If you feel strongly about saving the NHS we'd love you on board!

Visit our CrowdJustice page where all the details are stored.

This case affects us all.  The NHS must continue to provide comprehensive healthcare to everyone who needs it. But this is under threat from plans for new local NHS and Social Care organisations to operate with a contract based on fixed, pre-set budgets that cover an area’s population. These may not even be NHS organisations but will likely be management consultancies so your treatment will be reviewed and decided by business people not clinicians.


In early August, NHS England published a model contract for these new local NHS and social care organisations (known as Accountable Care Organisations). Working with public law firm LEIGH DAY - we now believe that this contract is unlawful under current NHS legislation.


Standards of NHS care are already under pressure, and all of us will have begun to see restricted access  to a  full range of high quality health care in our local areas.

The Accountable Care Organisation Contract will make this situation worse.


Since this contract does not link payment to the number of patients treated and/or the complexity of the medical treatment provided,  it fails to ensure that there would be sufficient money to meet the cost of delivering NHS services to the required quality standard.


We have to challenge this. That's why we are marching to the courts.

At this stage, after letters between lawyers and NHS England, then sending our application for Judicial Review to the High Court,  we are now awaiting the hearing of our claim to challenge NHS England’s Accountable Care Organisation contract.


The Judge will examine our statements and those of NHS England then decide if the case should be considered as a Judicial Review as a case of major public interest

- we know it is!


The People's Justice JR belongs to everyone because it affects everyone - this generation and the next.

November 10th 2017 Update

But we still need help!

If you missed the CrowdJustice appeal we are still accepting donations to help cover campaign costs surrounding the case.  


Raising awareness about the threats to the NHS is vital this winter 2017/18.


We are all volunteers and there is no polite way to say it. We need funds.  

Every penny will go directly towards the Campaign.


Need some Hope?

Look no further!


The response to our fundraising appeal was overwhelming. Especially the comments of support  that came with the donations.


Worth reading to feel inspired.


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