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Judicial Review - Why we need a legal challenge

Our Judicial Review


Being a People's Justice Ambassador means you can be a part of the team.

Helping us to get word out to the public. Helping to explain why the Judicial Review matters to everyone.


This could involve using email and social media and also spreading the word in your neighbourhood through friends and colleagues.


We are currently creating our "campaign toolkit" and you will have plenty of resources to help you.


If you feel strongly about saving the NHS we'd love you on board!

The NHS in England must continue to provide comprehensive healthcare to everyone who needs it.


But we are concerned that the new Accountable Care Organisation contract, if implemented, would threaten patient safety and force hospitals and doctors to restrict treatment, making decisions based on money not clinical judgement.

Working with international public law firm LEIGH DAY,  we believe that this new contract is unlawful under current NHS legislation, because it does not link payment to the number of patients treated and/or the complexity of the medical treatment they need, as required by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act,  but is based on a fixed budget for an area’s population.  


This budget would be  geared to helping to meet the £22bn+ funding shortfall by 2021 that the government is imposing on the NHS in England.


The current lack of a legal framework for Accountable Care Organisations - and in particular the way they would be paid to provide local NHS and social care services - is simply not compatible with democratic control and oversight of the resources and future of our biggest public service.


We have to challenge this.


That's why we are marching to the courts.

Need some Hope?

Look no further!


The response to the first two stages of our CrowdJustice fundraising appeal was overwhelming. The 3rd stage is proving to be equally inspiring


COMMENTS made by donors are worth reading.


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CrowdJustice Comments

January 2018

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who donated in stages 1 and 2 our our Crowd Justice appeal.


The third and final stage will be live from 12th January.


We need another £12K to bring our Judicial Review of NHS England’s Accountable Care Organisation contract to court.

STAGE 3 CrowdJustice

funding appeal

STAGE 3 CrowdJustice

A judge has granted permission for 999 Call for the NHS to bring a Judicial Review of NHS England’s draft Accountable Care Organisation contract. This is wonderful news and a real present of hope at the start of 2018.


We believe this contract for a new form of local NHS and social care organisation is not only unlawful under current NHS legislation, but would threaten patient safety standards and limit the range of available treatments. The case will be held in Leeds High Court on Tuesday 24th April 2018.


The Judge has also agreed to a Capped Costs Order of £25,000 (ie what we’d have to pay NHS England if we were to lose). This is more than the £15,000 we’d hoped for, but the fact that the judge has agreed to this shows that they consider it is in the public interest for our case to be heard.


On 12 January we’re launching the third and final stage of our crowdfunder, in order to cover all the costs of bringing the Judicial Review, and are appealing for £12,000. This amount, when added to existing funds donated by hundreds of generous members of the public in 2017, will cover the £37,000 cost of the Judicial Review.