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Why we need a legal challenge

Our Judicial Review

Helping to explain why the Judicial Review is central to much of work - and how we can all use it effectively on a local level. Simple actions we can all take to help keep our NHS an #NHS4ALL


If you feel strongly about saving the NHS we'd love you on board!


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The NHS in England must continue to provide comprehensive healthcare to everyone who needs it.


But we are concerned that the new Accountable Care Organisation contract, if implemented, would threaten patient safety and force hospitals and doctors to restrict treatment, making decisions based on money not clinical judgement.

Working with international public law firm LEIGH DAY,  we believe that this new contract is unlawful under current NHS legislation, because it does not link payment to the number of patients treated and/or the complexity of the medical treatment they need, as required by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act,  but is based on a fixed budget for an area’s population.  


This budget would be  geared to helping to meet the £22bn+ funding shortfall by 2021 that the government is imposing on the NHS in England.


The current lack of a legal framework for Accountable Care Organisations - and in particular the way they would be paid to provide local NHS and social care services - is simply not compatible with democratic control and oversight of the resources and future of our biggest public service.


We have to challenge this.  


That's why we are marching to the courts.

24th January 2018

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HUNT says  Tory whips have tied his hands over delay to ACO contract

jeremy masterclass

On 18th January, the Chair of the Health Select Committee, Sarah Wollaston MP, wrote to Hunt asking him to delay the introduction of the draft Accountable Care Organisation contract until the Committee’s inquiry into Sustainability and Transformation Plans and Accountable Care Organisations was completed.


Read the whole story on our blog.

30th January 2018

Interesting news today regarding our Judicial Review.

The Health Service Journal reported that the £6bn Greater Manchester ACO contract has been put on hold.  Leaked minutes from the Manchester Health and Care Commissioning committee meeting show that one of the considerations in making that decision was our 999 Call for the NHS upcoming judicial review of the draft ACO contract, which will be heard in Leeds Court on 24 April.


Manchester Health and Care Commissioning – a “partnership” created by Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group and Manchester City Council – had hoped to award a new £6bn ACO contract to a consortium of community providers in April.

The fact that NHS England has delayed the introduction of the ACO contract in both Dudley and Manchester - intended as the first two ACO pilots - and that it's also delayed the 2nd wave Accountable Care Systems only goes to show what disarray the government and its quango NHS England are in now that more people have become aware of what they are proposing.


The generosity of hundreds of supporters means we are having an effect. We could not do this alone. We have everything to win and must fight on.  We have everything to win and must fight on.

2nd February 2018

ACO MCR HORSE 999 BLOG on HUNT Masterclass

So the developments surrounding the Manchester leaked minutes are giving us all some hope.


But have the local press in Manchester and the North West reported the delay in setting up the Big Devo ACO?


To read our Press Release click the link.

PR FOR MCR denzil,scrutiny VEHICLE

8th February 2018

It's been a week of confusion and delay in Cornwall where one meeting with the Health Scrutiny Committee said "we think we should go ahead" but the CCG , next day, said "um... well we probably ought to... but..."


Find out more about the fair council folk of Cornwall and their apparent desire to rush into "joined up" accountability...




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We want more people to know what is going on and you can help us with spreading the word and also taking simple steps locally with other campaigners.


If you feel strongly about saving the NHS we'd love you on board!



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15th February 2018 - DEVON

And so it continues. DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL met this afternoon and item 16 on the agenda was Accountable Care Systems:

















With Cornish campaigners in the next county calling for a delay on their county council moves toward an ACS - what will happen in Devon?