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We have had news from our legal team that we have not been granted permission to take our Judicial Review to the highest court.


This is extremely disappointing news and, as you can imagine, we are feeling extremely sad that the legal fight has ended this way. The legal team are also extremely disappointed but have encouraged us to  keep fighting as they were impressed with not only our efforts but the support we received from fellow campaigners up and down the country.


We are grateful to Leigh Day for all their work over the last two and half years as they have been incredibly generous with their time, advice and practical work because they believed in our case.


We hope you agree with us that the #Justice4NHS fight has been worth all the hard work. We would like to thank everyone who donated over the last two years and kept us motivated with messages of support.


We are not going away.


It is a nonsense to us that the reason the Supreme Court denied permission was that our case 'does not raise an arguable point of law'. Given our case has always been rigorous in its technical and legal arguments, and that we only went to the Court of Appeal because Lady Arden claimed the first case had 'ignored a key question of statutory construction'.


The Court of Appeal also ignored the same key question - is there or is there not a need for visible prices fixed in advance for each individual treatment episode per patient? So why the Supreme Court have ignored this and now claim we have no arguable point of law - well...

we are aghast and feel that we have been let down by the judicial establishment.


Why are we determined to fight on?

Because we know we are right. We are being failed by the main political parties playing TweedleDum & TweedleDee politics with the NHS England obsession with 'integration' and 'improvement'. This is nothing more than political spin to hide the fact that we are now heading to a two tier health system based on ability to pay and the disastrous Accountable Care Organisation model adopted from America.


Already there are signs the ICP Contract is dangerous


It’s worse than ironic that the same day the Supreme Court denied our application a big prime provider contract (similar to the one we have been fighting) for integrated NHS services collapsed  - because it did not provide enough money to run the required services.


Exactly what our arguable point of law was all about.


Surely this collapse is a big red flashing light about the continued use of such contracts? Ever since we started work on the Judicial Review almost three years ago, we’ve been warning about the impossibility of providing the required services for all patients based on clinical need, though such a contract.


We will keep on fighting now through every means at our disposal.


We hope campaigners around the country will also continue.




The Supreme Court has denied us permission to pursue our Judicial Review to the highest level. But we are not going away. This will come back and bite them hard!

May 2019 - Supreme Court Denied

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