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We are stepping up our #Justice4NHS campaign

and asking the Supreme Court for permission to appeal.


After discussions with the legal team we don't think the Court of Appeal has properly

got to grips with the issues we have raised about the new payment arrangements

within the contract.


We have now applied to the Supreme Court for expedited Permission to Appeal the recent ruling against our legal challenge to the contentious new cost-cutting Integrated Care Provider NHS contract.  


We are not going away.


Because rulings from the High Court and the Court of Appeal have not addressed or answered our essential complaints about the legality of the NHS England's proposed Integrated Care Provider contract (formerly called the Accountable Care Organisation contract).


In fact the Court of Appeal Judges were incredibly selective about which bits of our legal team's argument they chose to to pay attention to.  Ignoring vital points including parliamentary evidence has made a mockery of the whole purpose of going to court.


We assumed, along with many campaigners around the country, that the Court of Appeal  would carefully listen to and examine all sides of the argument in order to reach a properly informed and unbiased judgement.


We are still holding some faith in the legal system and hoping the Supreme Court will recognise the public interest in properly examining the key issue of whether NHS services can lawfully be paid for without “visible prices fixed in advance for each individual treatment episode.”


Why are we determined to fight on?

Because we are not prepared to let the judicial system ride rough shod over this vital public interest case. What is more vital to this country than losing our NHS?


The good news...

We owe huge thanks to everyone who has donated to cover the costs of the Judicial Review and Court of Appeal hearing. Your generosity means we have enough money left over from those stages of our legal challenge so we do not need to launch a new stage of our CrowdJustice crowdfunder.


We don't need money right now. But we hope you can join us once more.

We do need your support in many other ways.  


If you are a member of a campaign group we're asking you to:


1. Download the LOCAL PRESS RELEASE and add a quote and information about your local NHS stories and WHY your group supports this public interest case. The more we can build public awareness the better and your group can help.


We are not giving up and we hope you can join us once more.


Thank you. If you would like to discuss how your group can be a part of the campaign contact us [email protected]

 We are not going away. We know we are right.

2019 - Supreme Court

Court of Appeal Nov.18


Make a #JUSTICE4NHS event happen in your area


This legal challenge is no longer just a technical case. The contract we are challenging will affect everyone in their local areas - as Clinical Commissioning Groups, Sustainability & Transformation Boards, local councils (even those non-Tory councils) all push forward the NHS England's hollow propaganda of 'innovation and integration'. Giving CUTS noble sounding names makes them even more despicable.


Use and promote our case to help explain to people what is going on.


Your group might organise a coffee morning, a meeting in a pub, a stand in the centre of town


- take a good photograph for social media

- write a letter to the local paper explaining why you as campaigners are gathering

- organise a public meeting


We are limited in resources but if you would like a 999 Speaker at an event please get in touch and we will try to help.


Take an individual or group SELFIE and post online to as many of your network as possible. Especially to the Facebook pages of your local community, local broadcast and print media, local councils and MPs.


Click on the image to download the SELFIE TEMPLATE or even better



Use the hashtag #Justice4NHS on Twitter and we will find you

   Put yourself/group in the Picture