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It's simple - remove the market and return the NHS back to us

Restore a fully democratic & publicly accountable NHS stopping and reversing the break up of the NHS due to marketisation & privatisation. A fully renationalised NHS that is publicly owned, funded, run and provided.

Restore adequate NHS funding that allows the public NHS to meet its core founding principles.

A complete refusal of global corporate agreements such as TISA that seek to undermine public services and place ownership into the hands of UK & non-UK private corporations. Government must prove that they are working in our best interest - not those of profit seeking global corporations.

All Private Finance Initiative debts to be renegotiated and investigated for fraud and onerous debt. Wherever onerous debt is proven PFI should be scrapped. Abolish PF2 forthwith.

Maximise the ability of a renationalised NHS to limit, research and control the power of the pharmaceutical industry, basing financing of drugs on fair value not large profits

A National Health Service that puts the patient before profit.



We are fighting to overcome the corruption arising from the intertwined interests of government and corporations. Successive governments have effectively privatised whole swathes of the civil service by commissioning consultancies from private companies, that bring with them their NHS privatisation baggage.  Corporate donations to parties and MPs buy them a place  to lobby from the inside.


We are on the outside where a surge of energy is building throughout NHS campaign groups. And that is what we support and encourage. Together we can restore the NHS to its core founding principles, and work out what they mean for contemporary health care.


999 Call for a Nationalised NHS

It's the only way it can be saved.

While you're in the mood - like us - why not write to your MP demanding that they join the people's call for a restored NHS back in public hands.



Scrap Sustainability and Transformation Plans/Partnerships and stop the introduction of the American model of healthcare Accountable Care Organisations

Pass the NHS Reinstatement Bill that restores the NHS to its founding principles and reinstates the Secretary of State's duty to provide a universal, comprehensive health care service based on people's medical needs, free at the point of need

Break the Myth of Austerity End the economically illiterate and socially unjust “austerity” policy of public spending cuts, and scrap so-called “efficiency savings" and “cost improvement programmes”

IN SUMMARY: The restoration of a publicly funded, run, managed and provided National Health Service with adequate funding is the only hope our country has for a caring, suppportive society in which we can all share.


Improve and modernise the NHS within the framework of its core founding principles and the funding needed to satisfy them.

Fund social care on the same basis as the NHS, bring it into public ownership, management and provision and make it free at the point of clinical need in the same way as the NHS

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Judicial Review

A judge has granted permission for a full Judicial Review of a new NHS England contract that we believe will  threaten patient safety and access to comprehensive healthcare.


Find out more about the legal challenge and how you can help us throw spanners in the works of privatisation.