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Dear Mr Ashworth...

Labour MUST up its NHS policy game NOW because at the moment what it's offering is not enough to save the NHS from the demolition track that decades of governments of all hues have fixed it on.


If nothing changes - that track is due to fall off a big cliff in 2020/1.  


A funeral hearse is driving the NHS  down that track.  

A hearse with the license plate...

Create an Opposition

It's up to us. Seems nobody else will.


Let's create the real opposition that MP candidates will not be able to ignore. Ask candidates for MP:


Will you work with campaigners to restore the NHS back into public hands,  renationalising and kicking out the private companies who are taking control?


If not. Why not?

If politicians won't we have to try.



We've been working with public law firm LEIGH DAY to research possible cases where we can legally challenge NHS England and the Sustainability & Transformation Plans.


After 9 months of detective work

we've begun the first stages of a

Judicial Review.



Click to find out more

& how you can help.

Judicial Review

Visit our STP site to read the full article and find out more about the plans to destroy our NHS

He's saying he will halt and review the Sustainability & Transformation Plans.


What good is a review?


When you know the STPS are the vehicle for American Privatisation?


Visit our sister site


to find out more.

Not Enough

Mr Ashworth

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The ONLY way to save the NHS is to first enact the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill and second restore adequate funding levels for both NHS and Social care. We believe the public is ready for this .


NHS Campaigners are fully behind it.


So are  the Green Party and National Health Action Party.

So we say...


Come on Labour, go right ahead and adopt these policies now!  


Campaigners and the public, please keep up the pressure. Because if it wasn't for all your #stopSTPs campaigning, nothing would have changed in the slightest.



Find out More stopthestps.org.uk