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With the big surge in new public hope and understanding of Austerity - the economic lie that is nothing more than a euphemism for cuts to all our public services...


NOW IS THE TIME to listen to the people

NOW IS THE TIME to make a move toward a more decent caring society

NOW IS THE TIME to commit the Labour Party to  renationalisation of the NHS.


There is no other way of saving it from destruction. Curbing "excessive profits" and making the NHS the "preferred provider"  are not enough and it will not save the NHS.


Commercial and internal markets with their transaction costs and expensive competitive tendering of services and resources must be removed from the NHS.

And remove the profit seeking organisations - so innocently called "external partners" - that are embedded in the upper strata of NHS management.



Right now the 44 NHS England Sustainability & Transformation Plans are working their way towards setting up 44 USA style Accountable Care Organisations where our public budgets for medical and social care could be handed to non-NHS organisations to operate as they see fit with profit being their main motive.


Please all MPs who consider themselves socially minded, it's time to be realistic and face the truth. We are about to lose our NHS. We MUST stop that from happening.


Parliamentarians you are failing the country. NOW IS THE TIME to examine your conscience. Because at the moment what politics is offering is not enough to save the NHS from the demolition track of decades of attack by big business.


If nothing changes - that track is due to fall off a big cliff in 2020/1.  


A funeral hearse is driving the NHS  down that track.  

A hearse with the license plate...


If politicians won't we have to try.


We've been working with public law firm LEIGH DAY to research possible cases where we can legally challenge NHS England and the Sustainability & Transformation Plans.


After 12 months of detective work

we've begun the first stages of a

Judicial Review.



Click to find out more

& how you can help.

Judicial Review

There are lots of calls for extra funding.


Even Simon Stevens has made a big song and dance about it recently. But don't be fooled.  What good is calling for more funding when that funding will go straight to private company hands?


What good is shouting for funding when you know the STPs are the vehicle for American style Privatisation?



Visit our sister site


to find out more.

FUNDING is Not Enough

Stop the STPS STP 2017 plate

Renationalisation is a huge move. But it is the only move.

A fresh clean sweep of all the fragmented, complex and bureacratic business administration that has swamped our NHS since the 1980s.


The first thing we campaigners have to do is convince the politicians that the nation wants and deserves a fully nationalised health service. Not one plagued by American health companies and the likes of Richard branson putting profit before patient care.


That's why we are continuing to support the NHS (Reinstatement) BILL. It is the only piece of potential legislation in Parliament that openly states it seeks to reinstate the NHS back in to public hands - our hands, our goverment responsibilty, our funding.


Click on the public hands to visit the campaign website.



eagle has landed 2 PUBLIC MATTERS

Need proof? Look no further




We are sick of this thing that now has a polite name.


It is an economic philosophy spun by the global businesses and those with economic power,  and willing (or foolish) MPs & leaders to allow public services to be crippled by starvation of public funds.


This then leads to a reliance on the private sector who only have their profit interests at heart.


Visit our newest section to find out more about breaking the economic lie that is the basis for the destruction of the NHS and all our public services.

No More Austerity VEHICLES FOR PRIVATISATION music to our ears