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999 is run by volunteers and there is no polite way to say it - We need  money to keep fighting!


Times are hard but if you can spare a few quid please think about donating. No matter how big or small the amount every penny will go towards the 999 Call.

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Fight in every way you can


Show the Doctors we are with them.

Remember changing their working conditions is all part of the "transformation" of the NHS from a public health service to an American style insurance for-profit health system. THAT is unsafe for our nation.

Keep Supporting the Doctors. It's everyone's fight.

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To fight the imposed threat there will be two further dates of industrial action:


26 - 28 April 2016 8am Tues. 26 April to 8am Thursday 28 April (48 hours)

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The recent threat of imposing the new contract, the scrapping of training bursaries for nurses, cutting of mental health beds, the demands on GPs - all of these are part of the government's plan to create a "modern workforce" in the NHS - flexible (zero hours?), less skilled, downgraded, cheaper - and to switch to "new care models" imported from American private health insurance companies.


This government is desperate to continue discrediting and undermining staff across the entire workforce of our NHS. Now is the time to stand together and protect our NHS from disastrous takeover by private health firms such as Virgin Care, United Health, Optum, Locala, Circle, CareUK.  And many more.


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Why is it everyone's fight? Read this...


Our friend Youssef El Gingihy

gives a clear simple explanation