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Thanks for making your way here.


Right now we are raising funds to develop our creative campaign project THREADS OF SURVIVAL - involving local NHS Campaign groups and members of the public in the creation of Covid Quilts which we see as important creative textile pieces that will be commemorative social history documents of this troubled time - the Year of Lockdown 2020.

Helping our Work - SUMMER 2021

Quilting Materials - 3 layers to help start the process

Please give whatever you can. We know things are tough in 2020.

We can assure you that every penny goes directly to the campaign.


Click the donate button to send a donation via PayPal:

Support Our Work

Support Our Work

Click the donate button to send a donation via PayPal

WEBSITE,  INTERNET and Online Tools to help with communication

Hire of Community Rooms - when it is safe to do so

Quilting Threads - items to help people develop their work

TRANSPORT COSTS - to local meetings and a National Event in 2021


We are not aligned to any political party.


We never have been.  That would divide us.

The first thing we have to do as the people of this country is create the political WILL to have an NHS the way we remember it - comprehensive and universal regardless of ability to pay.


We know it's going to take political legislation to bring back the NHS into public hands but we remain independent of all the parties in order to lobby and pressure them all. We are about people and the NHS they should be able to keep.


So to all MPs and politicians -   If the policy fits, we'll support it.  

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We regret at this time we cannot accept cheques

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PATCHWORK is bringing people together in a group activity that enables them to be part of something positive, find their voice and express their thoughts and experiences of this difficult time.


We are inviting people from a wide variety of backgrounds and not everyone can afford materials and tools that might be needed. We want to support everyone to be able to take part and your donation could help to provide...

Thanks for helping us. Every penny is appreciated.


Money received via this page will be ringfenced to support the PATCHWORK activity and our work with campaigners up and down the country.

Groups across the country have been meeting online to discuss ideas for their quilts that include Isolation, Fear, Family Loss, Test & Trace, Government & Society and ... Toilet Roll! We all have stories to tell about this time and things we need to remember.

STATIONARY & POSTAGE - sending materials and printing newsletters to those not online

toilet roll quilt