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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.


100% run by volunteers passionate about saving our NHS.

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Please note - these videos are a collections from 2015 -17.

Although these videos are still very relevant, some NHS vocabulary has changed. The way in which the Sustainability and Transformation Plan "footprints" are operating remains opaque and confusing, as they tread towards Accountable Care Organisations and Systems. These resemble  the USA’s  Medicare/Medicaid system, which only provides limited publicly-funded care for those who are too sick or too poor to afford private health insurance.


We are challenging the move to a USA style Accountable Care though the courts. Autumn 2018 we are about to return to the Court of Appeal to fight the introduction of an Accountable Care Organisation contract.  Find out more about our legal fight.

Sustainability & Transformation Plans 1


A short introduction to the STP and what it entails. Useful if presenting to a group or sharing with friends. This was made when we were still fighting for NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups to reveal their plans.

Sustainability & Transformation Plans 2

(Spring 2017)

Our Steve makes the tone a little lighter but the point is deadly serious. It explains that part of the jigsaw puzzle of the STP is a LandGrab. Selling off  "surplus to requirement" public assets to private developers.


NOTE: The ST PLANS soon became ST PARTNERSHIPS in the middle of 2017


STP - Downgrading an A&E (2015)

This short animation is one of the best explanations of what downgrading does to an A&E Dept., the hospital it affects and the staff who work there.


Merging, Downgrading and reconfigurations - often justified by the "safety due to lack of staff" argument is common now.  See the video below - Sir Bruce Keogh claims the public LIKE going to A&E too much...


Humour can sometimes help fight the battle.

The subtitles give a true explanation of what

Sir Bruce Keogh really meant when speaking

at a KINGS FUND event in 2013

We also have some good videos on the NHS in Stitches page which are very useful to show groups or share with friends on social media.

Judicial Review

STP VIDEO PAGE (2015 -17)

AUTUMN 2018 - Help us defend the NHS against USA style Accountable Care.

We are marching to the Court of Appeal for a 2 day hearing in the autumn, to challenge NHS England's introduction of an Accountable Care Organisation contract (which they’re now called an Integrated Care Provider contract).  This would change the way NHS Providers are paid.  We think this would damage our NHS and restrict patients’  access to comprehensive services of high quality care.


Please visit our Judicial Review page and join us on our march back to the courts.


STP 3 - Radical,Political, Contentious

This was a serious moment in the STP journey - An NHS ENGLAND officer berating a Clinical Commissioning Group for having th  audacity to publish their Sustainability & Transformation Plans - soon to become Partnerships

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 12.26.37