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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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We are a national campaign group that aims to restore the NHS so that it is

  • free at the point of clinical need for everyone

  • publicly funded, managed, provided and staffed

  • with the Secretary of State for Health fully responsible for providing and promoting a comprehensive, universal health service


Sadly this is not a quick-fix campaign. Successive governments have systematically dismantled, cut and privatised our health and social care services - and continue to do so, faster than ever.


How the site works

The 2019 website is in four main parts.  

The most important being our current #NHS4ALL Campaign.

17 treatments CLOSURE

USA Healthcare - Our Big Concern

USA Accountable Care - an American business model based on making money by restricing care -  is already being embedded within our NHS. The government rebranded it 2018  as "Integrated Care" to try and hide the fact.


NHS England's "integrated care" is modelled on profit margins and not clinical decision making. The only way private companies can make a profit from healthcare is to CUT what is available.  Shrinking the resources provided by the NHS restricts patient access to care and creates a two-tier health system.


Those that can will pay to go private - even thinking they are helping the NHS. But in reality all this is doing is justifying the private sector's existence.

The trick we are fighting is that the Blue NHS Logo has become a mask for the privatisation that is going on at every level of the NHS - driven by the Management Board NHS England. They are not the NHS. Doctors, nurses, clinicians and staff - indeed all of us - are the National Health Service. NHS England is the Management Board and they are busy shrinking it and restricting our access to it. Because of American Healthcare.


That beloved blue logo will always be on the the side of vehicles, buildings and leafelts - in our minds the NHS will always be there but behind the logo it will look something like this:


A bare bones NHS that provides a reduced number of acute and emergency services.  Private companies don't want them as it is impossible to make a profit from. Emergency services will still be publicly funded but due to cuts you may live a long way from a true 24hr A&E.


There will be a limited range of so-called elective/planned treatments - as the image above shows - NHS ENGLAND has already begun reducing the menu of funded treatments forcing more people to go private. These treatments are deemed to be of 'low clinical value' - but they are still on offer for payment.


A private health service for those who can afford private health insurance or self-payment, that will provide access to the full range of health care.

Seeing the truth is difficult


Despite the government rhetoric - Our NHS is still being SLASHED, TRASHED & PRIVATISED.

We hope our website is a useful campaign resource - whether you are part of a local group, a national group or simply a member of the public wondering how to take action to defend our NHS.



Join us in fighting to defend and restore our #NHS4ALL