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Letter to Press

I am writing to let you know that I will not stand for the destruction of the NHS. My family, friends and I refuse to accept American health insurance - style funding arrangements for the NHS and Social Care. These are being introduced through the secretive Sustainability and Transformation Plans, now called Partnerships,  and the moves to create Accountable Care Organisations and Systems.


We call on you as my MP to say 'NO' to Accountable Care Systems/Organisations in the NHS that would turn it into a version of the American Medicare/Medicaid system. These new models of care will end the NHS as a comprehensive service that provides the full range of care to all who need it, free at the point of need.

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Dear Editor


I'm deeply concerned that currentli in the mainstream media since there is little discussion about the changes to the NHS being forced through by the local Sustainability and Transformation Plans, now called Partnerships. These plans are being made in a secretive manner with very little public information and I share campaigners' deep concerns that the move towards Accountable Care Systems and Organisations will mean nothing more that a shift to a two tier system where those that can afford it will turn to private health insurance and everyone else will be left with a basic minimal healthcare  based on USA MedicareMedicaid system globally recognised as the world's worst.


But most worrying is what Professor Stephen Hawking highlighted in a recent public statement to the Press. The move to an  American-style model of healthcare management called an Accountable Care Organisation/System. This system with low fixed budgets that will not meet the public need, will turn the NHS into a two tier health system where the rich will pay and the rest of us will be left with a very poor minimal NHS like the American Medicare system.


I would urge all readers to contact their MPs and let them know that the public will not stand for the destruction of the NHS and all MPs must reject the STPs and a move to Accountable Care Organisatons. These new models of care will end the NHS as a comprehensive service that provides the full range of care to all who need it, free at the point of need.


Readers can find their MPs on the website https://www.theyworkforyou.com/


Yours sincerely,


While we focus on working with our lawyers we are saying TURN UP THE VOLUME on the message that Accountable Care Organisations/Systems must be stopped.


Please help us and all NHS Campaigners with this simple step to send a letter to your local paper. Simply copy and paste the text into your email. Dont forget to make it personal and local to your town etc. Thanks!


Please let us know how you get on. It's always good to know what responses campaigners are getting. And we will endeavour to share  your letters and actions on our two main websites and social media pages.


Thanks  for your continued support.



Turn Up the Volume on Justice

Make use of Prof. Stephen Hawking's public challenge to the privatisation and 'Americanisation' of the NHS

Members of 999 Call for the NHS were present at Professor Hawking's public speech at the Royal Society of Medicine on Saturday 19th August, 2017.


To a packed audience of campaigners, NHS Staff and academics Prof. Hawking challenged the government’s privatisation and Americanisation of the NHS.

We hope this will lead to the 'honest debate' that politicians keep talking about - while standing by and making sure it doesn’t happen.


If you would like to add your group/organisation to our letter please contact us

HAWKING Read letter