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Next door in Cornwall the County Council and Kernow CCG are now potentially the subject of legal action to delay any moves towards setting up an Accountable Care System, pending the outcome of two Judicial Reviews into the lawfulness of different aspects of Accountable Care.


The chaos that ensued the publication of a Press Release stating that the council were NOT going to setup an ACS, then decided they had got it wrong and they were but it wasn't going to be an ACS or even an ICS - it was going to be...



Cllr Martin Shaw Blog


Councillor Martin Shaw put his motion forward which was simply asking for a delay in making any decision.

Very simple and honest request.


So what is the situation now?

What is the position of Devon County Council?

Why is it not making it clear?

What are they doing referring any decision back to Cabinet?


This precludes any democratic decision before 1st April when NHSE's planning guidance requires updated plans for 2018-19 to be in place.

Councillor Shaw has written about his experience at the meeting.

His concerns about Devon Council

setting up an Accountable Care System/Organisation.

His conversation with a Cabinet member did not give him great confidence.


Devon County Council - some backstory elements

Four Councillors voted to debate in a recent meeting whether Devon CC should support setting up an Accountable Care System but were outvoted by a huge majority of councillors who - we have to ask - didn't feel it was important, didn't really know what it was or (after 3hours) couldn't really be bothered.


With campaigners in Cornwall acting with possible legal measures, Manchester and Dudley delaying their decision making - are Councillors in Devon really acting responsibly?

DEVON DEMOCRACY Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 17.35.49 denzil,scrutinyTRACTOR Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 18.22.47

Our thoughts on the proceedings?


Accountable Care Organisation System Partnerships Integrated...

The rhetoric surrounding Accountable Care Systems - now rebranded by NHS England as Integrated Care Systems - is all about localisation.


Care is supposed to be "place based" But if local Councillors representing these local places don't even know or care about what is going on - it's up to us to challenge them. Stand by for our next section of #NHS4ALL

place based 1 VIDEO LiNK (if not playing) NHS4ALL Springboard FIND OUT MORE Time to BIN ACO


12th March 2018

Devon’s CCGs  have recently made a public statement that, in introducing an Accountable Care System (now rebranded by NHS England as an Integrated Care System!) they are not going down the road of an Accountable Care Organisation.


Taken at face value, it looks as if the CCGs have binned the South West Academic Health Science Network’s “route map” to a Devon Accountable Care Organisation - despite the fact that this was endorsed last December by Dr Tim Burke, the Chair of Northern, Eastern and Western Devon CCG.  


Have Devon lost the plot? Lost the Map? And are they alone?

No they are not alone in their dazzling bewilderment at which route

to take but if they "Carry On Regardless!" they might well be...


Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group, as well as  NHS organisations

and Councils in Northumberland, Greater  Manchester and Dudley

have all announced that they are rowing back from setting up

Accountable Care Organisations,  opting instead for other

informal means of setting up Accountable Care models.


But what are they? And are we all in danger of heading up a path blindfold?

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