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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.


100% run by volunteers passionate about saving our NHS.

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Join us in taking action

There is only one way to stop the private company  takeover of our NHS and that is a political will to renationalise it. No easy task. Currently politicians are stuck in the mindset of Austerity.


Why is no major party backing renationalistion and reinstatment of the NHS? Bringing it back into public hands?  Are they satisfied with the internal market?  Do they understand that it is the market model based on American Accountable Care that is causing so much of the chaos and massive EXPENSE?


NHS4ALL CAMPAIGN - Healthcare for Everyone


NHS England the Quango (Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation) are determined to shrink the NHS and turn it into an American-style healthcare system.


Currently this process is being promoted as "Integrated Care".  Wherever you see or hear this phrase you know you are dealing with CUTS - restricted treatments, centralisation of hospitals, downgrades and mergers and the shrinking of the "NHS Menu" of treatments available.


We want Our NHS reinstated as a fully funded comprehensive health service, delivering high quality care for all those in clinical need - free at the point of delivery because it is already paid for by us - through our elected representatives (government) - as a publicly funded healthcare service for all. #NHS4ALL


At our #NHS4All action plan meeting in Leeds on 16th June,  999 Call for the NHS and other NHS campaign groups focused on stopping the imposition of USA-style Accountable Care on our NHS.

The meeting was a positive step forward in planning our next steps.


We are grateful to those who travelled long distances to get there. Those from Yorkshire were joined by campaigns from the Wirral, Milton Keynes, Southport, London, Cambridge and Grantham.


We are now reviewing all the ideas and suggestions and details of the action plan will follow shortly.


If you would like to be more involved in the campaign please visit the  #NHS4ALL Action page.


We are not stepping away from #NHS4ALL

NHS England the Quango (Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisation) are pushing through the plans even faster. "Never waste a disaster" isn't that the phrase?


Tactics have to change and adapt. We all need to stay safe. And we need more of the public to see the truth.

We can't let social media and the press contain us in our "bubbles". That is why we are calling on our networks to think creative. This winter we are running a series of projects that are aimed at encouraging more people on board and following the idea that the most powerful thing we can do in times of crisis is tell people exactly what is going on...


Click on the image to go to THREADS OF SURVIVAL and our latest campaign project...

What now in the face of COVID19?

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