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DEVO-MANC cannot be allowed to go forward

It's never a good omen when your government makes the sort of massive changes we see in Greater Manchester without public consultation - not even a whisper.


When George Osborne and ten Greater Manchester councils decided this extraordinary move...


They didn't ask the people of Greater Manchester.

They didn't ask the GP's or NHS Staff.

They didn't ask the country.


Why don't they want to hear what the electorate has to say on the subject of devolution?


We would suggest it's because they know the answer. And it is not what they want to hear.


Just like when they asked the people of Manchester if they wanted a mayor.

Are these responsible men?

These men didn't ask the rest of the country if we minded them chopping up our NHS.


This is NOT devolution.  This is a simple dishonest transfer of power that completely bypasses us the people. The very people it is supposed to empower.


The ten Greater Manchester local councils  are about to provide the government with another butcher’s block to chop, cut and unravel our National Health Service.


We at 999 Call for the NHS completely reject this trojan horse announcement masquerading as devolution. We will be supporting the Greater Manchester Association of Trade Councils in their fight.  We ask all of you to do the same.


Join us.

We can make a difference together.


This is not Devolution

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Referendum - Facebook 11043223_624667727663279_5966592383139003338_n Screen shot 2015-04-26 at 13.09.34

One of the many pressing issues facing the NHS campaign groups. All tied up with TTIP and other elements of the corporate attack on the NHS, Manchester & the Northern Power House Trojan Horse is not a local issue at all.


It could mark the physical break up of the NHS as we know it.



Take Back Manchester