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Fighting to Save our NHS from profiteers

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Save Lewisham Hospital

Brent Keep Our NHS Public

999 Network

Greater London

Camden KONP

Greenwich KONP

Hackney & City KONP

Islington KONP

Lambeth KONP

Southwark KONP

Camden Keep Our NHS Public

Greenwich Keep Our NHS Public

Hackney & City Keep Our NHS Public

Islington Keep Our NHS Public

Lambeth Keep Our NHS Public

Newham Save Our NHS

Newham Save Our NHS - affiliated to KONP

SW London KONP

South West London

Keep Our NHS Public

Southwark Save Our Services /

Keep Our NHS Public

Waltham Forest KONP

Waltham Forest Keep Our NHS Public

Save Our NHS - East London

Tower Hamlets KNOP

Save Our Surgeries

Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public


Keep Our St Helier Hospital


We are not aligned to any political party.


We never have been. We know it's going to take political legislation to bring back the NHS into public hands but we remain independent of all the parties in order to lobby and pressure all the parties. We are about people and the NHS they should be able to keep.



So to all MPs and politicians -   If the policy fits, we'll support it.  

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38 Degrees Chelsea & Fulham

38 Degrees Chelsea & Fulham

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