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Grassroots 100% passionate volunteers

Fighting to Save our NHS from profiteers

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999 Call for the NHS

Keep Our NHS Public


999 Network

National Campaigns


Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill

Drop the NHS Debt




That's us! Organisers of the People's March for the NHS. Working on national campaigns against cuts and privatisation. Also bringing together local campaigners to share resources and experience, and work together.


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Big Up the NHS


Campaigning against cuts and privatisation. A national organisation with many local / affiliated groups.




Spreading good news about the NHS on Twitter and beyond.




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Campaigning to reinstate the founding vision of the NHS. We want the Queen’s Speech after the next General Election on 7th May 2015 to include a Bill to do just that.


Drop the NHS Debt is a campaign to ‘call time’ on the system of PFIs and the usury and profiteering they involve.




999 Assistance

If you need further help, want to be included in the page contact our Network Coordinator