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It is clear to us that there has been a shift in public thinking regarding a more socially caring society. We want to see that public shift grow in confidence. Deep down the country knows that losing our greatest institution to the USA health system would be a national disaster. But knowing how to fight it is the problem. WE can all help.


NHS England have begun imposing a form of rationing – the Capped Expenditure Process – that forces the NHS to offer a very restricted range of services within a tightly fixed budget. All part of the Accountable Care Organisation redesign that we are fighting with our Judicial Review.


Click on the image below to find our more about  CAPPED EXPENDITURE PROCESS



We need the NHS Bill to make its way into Parliament once more in 2017.

The public mood has shifted in terms of wanting public services restored.

Like us the public WANT the ethos of a NATIONAL Health Service.

Not a privatised fragmented profit-seeking health industry.


Last week the Labour Party held discussions about Private Members Bills (PMBs). We asked them to place the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill as a priority bill to be given to an MP at the top of the list.


The NHS (Reinstatement) Bill is the only piece of legislation on the table that clear in its committment to stopping and reversing NHS privatisation. So please ask your Labour MP to make the NHS bill a priority and show that a public service NHS is top of Labour's agenda.

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This is part of the deliberate attempt to create a two tier health system, by turning the NHS into a UK version of the US medicare/medicaid system that provides “accountable care” – in other words, predetermined treatment options based on financial considerations.


Accountable Care in the USA is for patients who are too poor or too ill to get private health insurance. In the UK its restrictions are designed to drive patients who can afford it, to go private – often while staying within the NHS, as the 2012 Health and Social Care Act allows hospital trusts to earn 49% of their income from private patients.

Let's stop this.

Please write to your MP this week.

Get them to see sense and support the NHS REINSTATEMENT BILL.


Enjoy tweeting them. They do take notice. Find them on Twitter by clicking on the bluebird...

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Most MPs have accounts. Why not send them a message online?


Is Your MP on the list?

Find out if your MP

could table the NHS Bill as a Private Members Bill.


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Need proof? Look no further


An urgent call to write to your MPs and LOCAL COUNCILLORS and ask them where they stand on the latest developments in the privatisation process. The Sustainaility & Transformation Plans and now Partnerships.


We've worked with campaigners all over the country to create a template email/letter that is easily adapted to your region.


Click on the link


Stop the STP Letter