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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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On March 11 the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill 2015 was presented in Parliament with cross-party support. Its policies would comprehensively reinstate the NHS throughout England.


The Bill’s policies restore the Secretary of State for Health's duty to provide universal listed health services throughout England based on people's needs and not their ability to pay.


The Bill abolishes the expensive internal and external market, stops the break up of the NHS and returns the NHS to public control and accountability. This is vital to protect the NHS from EU trade treaties and others in the pipeline like TTIP.


The Bill ends the high costs to the NHS of PFI schemes. By making PFI debts a Treasury responsibility it removes the exorbitant costs of PFI from the NHS and enables the State to negotiate restoration of PFI services and assets into public ownership.


The British Medical Association, representing 150,000 doctors, has stated publicly that their members want a publicly funded and publicly provided national health service. It supports the principles behind the legislation which the NHS (Reinstatement) Bill proposes.


Many MP’s and PPC’s and some political parties now support the Bill


We call on the public to support the NHS Bill 2015 and to ensure that their parliamentary MPs now commit to supporting the reinstatement of the NHS through the Bill and to ensuring it is in the first Queen's speech after the Election.

An open letter to the Press & Public - March 11th 2015

We need your help! Urgently!

999 is run by volunteers and there is no polite way to say it. We need  money to help keep the campaign going.


Please think about donating. No matter how big or small the amount every penny will go towards the 999 Call for the NHS


Can you spare a few quid?


Is your name there?

Over 2000 people signed the open letter. Now, as we work to promote the NHS Bill 2016 and the intention to return Our NHS back into the hands of the people, we are once again encouraging the public to add their names to show their support.



Over 2000 people signed. Were you one of them?

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Looking back to see forward

Our NHS is being broken into pieces. The government is deliberately withholding funding as a way of reducing the nation's public health service to its knees.

Once staff, patients can are on their knees and the public cry out for improvements we'll be persuaded private health insurance is the only way forward and the private sector fat cats will move in "to save the NHS". This is a joke!


They'll cream off the profitable bits - elective surgery like knees, hips and joints - and leave the more dangerous, urgent non-profitable bits to the tax-payer.

999 Call for the NHS is supporting the only piece of legislation currently available

that promotes the idea of a fully publicly owned, managed and funded

National Health Service.


Critics say: " oh you want to go back to the past, we have to look to the future".

We argue this is not about going backwards. It's about looking at the past and learning from mistakes and reclaiming all that was good about Bevan's principles in order to protect our health, the nation's health and the future health of our children. The NHS is the gift we were given and must pass onto future generations.