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We're taking the old wise saying...


If it moves like a Duck...

sounds like duck...

and looks like a duck...


- it's probably a duck


No doubt you've noticed that local councils, STP Boards, Hospital Trust CEOs, NHS England officials  -  they are all busy running away from the words Accountable Care Organisation/System. They know we are onto them.


And now the NHS England Cunning Linguist department has supplied local authorites and STP partners with a whole new dictionary of absurd lingo to allay the fears of those pesky troublesome campaigners who are "ridiculous" to think that NHS England would dare to introduce a copy of the USA Medicare/Medicaid system.



No matter how much local councils and Integrated Care partners offer us a selection of choice phrases and gobbledygook it is clear that all the different explanations they give us


Manage Demand


Manage Demand

Integrated Care Partnerships & Systems

Place Based Care

Vertical & Horizontal Integration

Integrated Strategic Commissioning Function!


these are just smoke and mirror tricks to hide the fact that the path leads directly to the setting up (eventually) of Accountable Care Organisations. What's worse is the local democratic processes are failing us miserably. Councils are handing over responsibility to their CABINETS - a select committee with powers to make decisions without full consultation and debate with councillors - thus depriving us all of local democracy.


Visit our #NHS4ALL page to find out more about actions we think we need to take.


      We're not fooled but maybe Local Councillors are?

place based 2


It's time to call out what we know. Please go to your


Council website

STP website

Clinical Commissioning Group website


and find out what they are calling their Accountable Care new local nhs and social care "way of working". Probably an ICS - Integrated Care System.


If you can't find it on the website why not contact the Health & Wellbeing board and ask them?


"Who is in charge of setting up the Integrated Care System?"

"Is it operating now in shadow form?" (commonly known as 'in secret')

"Who are the partners?"

"Are the public going to be invited to participate?"

Who is accountable to the public.


Send your info to us via this page. Thanks

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Accountable Care Organisations/Systems (ACOs) are a new form of public/private local health and social care organisations that are based on a business model used by the USA’s Medicare/Medicaid programme. They claim to IMPROVE INNOVATION AND INTEGRATION by "manage demand" methodology. CUTS. Restrictions to treatment.


USA Medicare provides only a limited range of care for people who are too poor to pay, or too ill to be eligible, for private health insurance. If allowed to be set up, Accountable Care Systems/Organisations would:


• threaten the core NHS principle of comprehensive healthcare for all who need it by restricting access to elective treatments - cataract removals, hip & knee ops etc.


• speed up the development of a two tier system where those with money pay to go private and the rest are left with a reduced NHS


• increase NHS privatisation, and potentially put private health companies in a position of control over local NHS and social care services.


We need the restoration of proper levels of NHS and social care funding - not the fragmentation and downgrade of our NHS to something resembling Medicare!

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