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Investigate NHSCrime Scene in Huddersfield

NHS Detectives after their celebrated NHS Investigation in Leeds recently have been called to Huddersfield to lead yet another important NHS Investigation into the attempted murder of the NHS.


999 NHS Detective Chrissie Parker said:


“We're looking at sustained cuts and blows over the last thrity years on the NHS. RIght now we're most concerned with  Sustainability and Transformation Plans.  The NHS is on life support now - and these STPs will be the killing blow if we don’t stop them. This is a life or death situation here. It’s as simple as that.”


The white-suited forensics team from across Yorkshire will be joining thousands of campaigners in Huddersfield and hope to engage the help of the public in gathering evidence about the Sustainability & Transformation Plans that are leading them towards the offices of the Clinical Commission Groups and other NHS Boards.


NHS Detective Darcey from Grantham added:


“This is a truly worrying case. If we don’t stop these Plans, health care will be mostly private and paid for by private health insurance - for those who can afford it. And the NHS will be like US medicare - a minimal backstop for people who can’t get private health insurance.  We want to talk to The WY & Harrogate STP Leader,  Calderdale and GreaterHuddersfield Clinical Commissioning Group".


Sustainability and Transformation Plans are final murder weapon for the NHS. We have to seize this weapon now before it batters the NHS to death. Otherwise, we’ll be faced with an unsafe substandard health care system where people will unnecessarily die from treatable and preventable health conditions.”


The NHSDetectives, from 999 Call for NHS, Calderdale and Kirklees 999, 999 are clear the solution lies in taking the NHS out of provate sector control and placing it back firmly in the hands of the public.


Supported by leading academics and some MPs from all parties they are calling for the country to return the NHS into public hands. :


an end to the so-called Sustainability and Transformation Plans

the restoration of a comprehensive, universal NHS

a publicly run NHS that is free at the point of clinical need

an NHS that is free of privatisation and marketisation

with sufficient government funding for good quality health and social care


There is a bill in parliament - The NHS (Reinstatement) Bill which calls for just this. MPs are beginning to understand its importance.


Coming soon

Attempted Murder of the NHS



Pull Press Release with new Editors Notes including vital info on local West Yorkshire NHS

NHS Detectives on the march