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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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Campaign Actions 2017/18

Engaging with NHS ENGLAND consultations can seem daunting.

They NEVER make it easy for the public to understand.

They NEVER actually make it a huge public awareness exercise.

They ALWAYS appear to have made it a done deal.


Our aim with this page is:


  • to make it easy to add your voice

  • help us make it a public awareness exercise

  • make sure it is NOT a done deal


We explain the issues as we see them. We hope they help.

Now we've made it even easier to add your voice. 


Scroll down the page and you'll find a simple questionaire that will take just a few minutes to fill out. We will present your answers to NHS England. They want to hear our thoughts? So be it.

NHS ENGLAND propose to stop funding 17 treatments April 2019.

17 treatments WHY

NHS England is “consulting” on plans to stop routine funding of 17 vital elective surgical procedures from April 2019 - except in extreme exceptional circumstances.


NHS England say the 17 procedures are ineffective.

They are not. These treatments are already only available to the most essential cases that meet clear clinical criteria - where more serious conditions could develop if not treated.

What they really mean is that they are looking for ways to drive people - those that can afford it - to pay privately.


They say clinicians are making inappropriate referalls.

They do not provide any evidence to back this up.

It is making a mockery of our GPs and specialists skills.


How can they do this?

By making the NHS work like a private health insurance scheme. They call it "managing demand". They will do this in two ways...


Firstly they want to prevent the commissioners (your CCG) paying hospitals for providing these treatments to NHS patients – unless exceptions have been approved. The first four of the treatments list - there will be an exceptions target of 1-5% of all patients.


Secondly, NHS England wants to transfer the current referral and decision making process from the hands of  informed, well-trained NHS clinicians to a standardised one size fits all algorithm & data based electronic referral system.


This rules out any consideration of patients’ individual circumstances, it removes all considerations of complexities and dangers that may develop.   It reduces clinicians to merely technicians and wastes their hard earned skills and knowledge.


The form below is the easy way to add your voice.


We want to let NHS England, MPs and all our elected representatives know that we are not willing to take their dangerous cuts anymore.


Please share this page with friends and colleagues and ask them to do the same.

We have until 26th September

Thank you.

Stopping these cuts being implemented through new Accountable Care Organisation contracts is what our Judicial Review was about in Spring 2018.


Accountable Care Organsitions, Systems, Partnerships - don't be distracted by the names - are all based on the Medicare/Medicaid USA model.


We were dismissed.


But the Court of Appeal has granted us 2DAYS in which to fight the ACO contract that is threatening patients' access to care.