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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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Always be aware of the difference between fact and opinion.


Full Fact is one fairly reliable fact check source, with a section on health.


If Full Fact have not fact checked the topic you’re trying to verify

then you need to look for primary sources of info (see link)


Summertime Action 2018

How to make sure we are not...

Below you'll find some thoughts and recommendations about how best to avoid the 'Windmill Effect".


Despite sometimes blasting out more heat than light - and in the process,  doing everyone’s heads in - social media  is still good for sharing our information updates with one another and providing useful and trustworthy evidence - if it IS useful and trustworthy.


Therein lies the rub.   It's vital now at this stage in our campaign to save the NHS that we FACT CHECK!   Not to get bogged down in details, but to make sure the information we’re sharing is accurate.

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If the info source isn’t identified in the social media story, ask for it.

Most reliable social media people dont mind being asked. And often the dialogue can lead to more info.

If the people who produced or shared the story don’t know the source

carry out an online search using key relevant words.

Sift the results of your search to find the primary info source and use that.

Check if it’s a reliable source.  


If you’re not sure of the source’s reliability, try and triangulate the information by finding one or two more reliable sources for it and seeing if they confirm the initial source you found.