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1. Engaging with your Council

Councillors by & large are NOT standing up for our NHS. They do have the power, and the duty to use their powers, to refer significant NHS changes to the Secretary of State for Health, who then must decide whether to commission the Independent Review Panel to investigate the changes.   We need to push them to use these powers.


Here is a useful ROUGH GUIDE DOWNLOAD:


Summertime Action 2018

With the help of campaigners up and down the country, we’ve produced info sheets  and "how to" rough guides to help with practical actions to prevent the dismantling of our NHS into Accountable Care Systems/Organisations. And to recognise the branding tricks by NHS England - as they try to convince us we are not heading toward a USA style two-tier health system

 A Simple Easy to Use  Resource

Below you'll find a set of online, downloadable resource materials designed to help individuals and campaign groups keep up pressure on those that have the power to help save the NHS.


Marching still but in a different way.    We hope they are useful for your campaign.

5.Your NHS & Council Meetings

Attending these meetings and asking questions is really the only way to find out about and question what’s going on

with local NHS and social care cuts, privatisation and redisorganisation in your area.











CHECK OUT BELOW the Cunning Linguists link (link also in Download) which may help you.


These are the meetings worth attending.



• Clinical Commissioning Groups       • Sustainability & Transformation Boards

• NHS Hospital Trust Boards            • Local Authorities

• Health and Wellbeing Boards   • Health Scrutiny Committees





• FULL COUNCIL      • Health and Wellbeing Boards   • Health Scrutiny Committees

• Cabinet meetings   • Adult & Children Committees

4.  Your Elected Trust Governors

Hospital Trusts have Governors on their Boards who have been elected by Trust members - and anyone in the area can be a Trust member.   NHS Improvement's 'Governors' Guide' says:


"To ensure that people from the communities served by the trusts can take part in governing them. NHS foundation trust governors are the direct representatives of local communities."


This download explains how to work effectively with Trustee Governors.


DOWNLOAD Colour (pdf)

2.Marching on your MP’s surgery and the House of Commons

Our elected representatives should be standing up for our NHS.


They should be safeguarding its principles and practice of providing publicly funded, managed and run comprehensive health care for all, free at the point of need, and free of profiteering and commercial interests. Keep writing to your MP and demand they take seriously the threat posed by the market and privatisation of  our NHS.

Remember the local fight is all part of the national situation.

Bring it back into public hands - simple.

3.  With Your Neighours/Street - The Pledge Card

Simply telling everyone what’s going on, building people power on a street-by-street basis.

Street stalls, tables at meetings. Getting out of the social media bubble and talking to people.


It can seem a daunting idea. But our experience is the more we meet people

they are willing to talk and listen. They are witnessing the cuts and restrictions now.


The Pledge Cars is simply a reminder for people of why we are campaigning.

In signing the tear off slipthey can give you their details so you can contact them

when you have important events and need support.


We can send you these bright leaflets designed

to attract attention. We just ask for a donation towards postage.


You can contribute to postage via the PayPal button.


NOTE: If your email software does not operate with link button contact us

on 999callfornhs@gmail.com


The 2012 Health and Social Care Act snarled up lines of decision making and reduced democratic accountability about the provision of NHS, social care and public health services. Almost certainly not by accident. So...


There are loads of different committees - often with more or less the same membership -  meeting all over the place.  This is not only maddeningly inefficient but makes it really hard to find out where the buck stops.

COUNCILS Download (.pdf) CUNNING VOCAB I'd like to help more DL PLEDGE FRONT