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Turning Winter

into  Spring


Winter Actions 2017/18

We need to use all available means to protect and safeguard the NHS and healthcare for everyone. This is why we are launching our “act local, think national” #NHS4ALL resource kit.


Local NHS groups around the country are already taking action in all kinds of ways to protect the #NHS4ALL.  We hope the #NHS4ALL campaign resources will be helpful.


With the help of campaigners up and down the country, we’re producing info sheets  and "how to" rough guides to help with practical actions to prevent the dismantling of our NHS into Accountable Care Systems/Organisations.

 A Simple Easy to Use  Resource

Accountable Care Organisations/Systems (ACOs) are a new form of public/private local health and social care organisations that are based on a business model used by the USA’s Medicare/Medicaid programme.  


USA Medicare provides only a limited range of care for people who are too poor to pay, or too ill to be eligible, for private health insurance. If allowed to be set up, Accountable Care Systems/Organisations would:


• threaten the core NHS principle of comprehensive healthcare for all who need it by restricting access to elective treatments - cataract removals, hip & knee ops etc.


• speed up the development of a two tier system where those with money pay to go private and the rest are left with a reduced NHS


• increase NHS privatisation, and potentially put private health companies in a position of control over local NHS and social care services.


We need the NHS Reinstatement Bill and the restoration of proper levels of NHS and social care funding - not the fragmentation and downgrade of our NHS to something resembling Medicare!


We can all help make a difference

The basis for #NHS4ALL is a set of online, downloadable resource materials designed to help individuals and campaign groups keep up pressure on those that have the power to help save the NHS.


Marching still but in a different way.


Footstep 1 is ready to go. A useful Rough Guide to ACOs for Councillors that campaigners have told us is useful when approaching local councillors.

Ready to help in your area?


If you like what you see

and want to make

a difference for all of us including the future for our kids pleas think about joining us.


You can join hundreds

of campaigners around the country who are working hard

to safeguard our NHS.



3. With NHS &Local Authority managers

Hospital Trust Chief Execs and Clinical Commissioning Group officers are being told to impose cuts and changes they really don’t like.

We need to be approaching these individuals to contest the status quo.

2. With Elected Trust Governors

Hospital Trusts have Governors on their Boards who have been elected by Trust members - and anyone in the area can be a Trust member.

We need to work with these Trustees who are representatives of the public.

1. Engaging with your Council

Councillors by & large are NOT standing up for our NHS. They do have powers, and the duty to use their powers, to scrutinise and refer significant NHS changes to the Secretary of State for Health. Forcing the local issue to become a national one is important.  We need to push them to use these powers.  You can download the Rough Guides for Local Councillors:

4. Your MP

We need to demand that our  MPs' and elected representatives stand up our NHS. They should be safeguarding its principles and practice of providing publicly funded, managed and run comprehensive health care for all, free at the point of need, and free of profiteering and commercial interests.

5.  With Your Neighours/Street

Telling everyone what’s going on, building people power on a street-by-street basis. People ready to help you put real pressure on Councillors and grassroots support for all the other elements of the campaign.


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Turning Winter

into  Spring

You can join us

and help safeguard our NHS.




CLICK the red button

to take you to the simple

sign-up page.