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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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#NHS4ALL  - Healthcare for Everyone

Accountable Care

The government and its quangos (NHS England etc)  call it “Integrated Care”. But that’s just another misleading term designed to confuse and distract us all from the fact that it is really American Accountable Care they’re talking about.  


In this context the word ACCOUNTABLE means ACCOUNTSable and has nothing to do with democratic accountability - it's purely financial accountability for reducing unplanned hospital admissions, not just emergencies but also the so-called modern epidemics such as diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, that cause many people to end up in hospital.


Accountable Care is all about keeping people out of hospital in return for money incentives in the payment and contracting process.


This means decisions about who gets which NHS treatments are no longer made by clinicians and patients on the basis of clinical needs. Instead they are now made by commissioners (acting like insurance companies) solely on the basis of financial considerations.


This is why we've teamed up with campaigners across the country to stop the imposition of USA Style Accountable Care on our NHS. Following our meeting in Leeds we are now developing agreed campaign actions focused on:


  • Winnable local campaigns to protect NHS, social care and public health services in the face of cuts and redisorganisations imposed by Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships/Integrated Care Systems, and justified by successive governments’ “austerity” lies.

  • Working with MPs and Trades Unions to make sure an updated NHS Reinstatement Bill is enacted by Parliament as soon as possible

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Welcome to the #NHS4ALL


Simple to download information sheets and leaflet templates are available to support you and your group in both local & national actions.


The first of these - Foundation Trust Hospital Elected Governors & Members - is ready for download now. Others are to follow soon.


If you have any immediate questions about the campaign contact us by email


You can also register with our campaign to receive updates and information as we get it.



Click on #NHS4ALL Logo to visit the Resource page.

To find out more about the ongoing development of Integrated Care you can visit

our sister website - CK999 - where  regular investigative articles are posted.



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The most urgent of our calls to action.


We have until 27th September to alert our local council Scrutiny Committees that they need to be calling in NHS England reps to explain what they are planning.


To register public complaint and questioning to local hospital boards, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Sustainability & Transformation Boards.


To notify your local MP that they should not allow these plans to progress until there is full explanation and consultation with the public.


We will be producing another FactSheet very soon to help.