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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.


February/March 2019 - URGENT BUSINESS


The Prayer Motion had time in the Commons on  Monday 18th March, 9pm


The debate lasted an hour (just) and was announced as "Division by Deferral" meaning the actual vote is now Wednesday 20th March 11.30am - 2pm.  (This is because it was very late in the day and it is a protocol they use to ensure all debates are heard).


Please contact your MP and ask them to VOTE TO ANNUL SI 2019 No.248


Let's be clear that this is a very very long shot. The government are skilled at using the system well.


It was disheartening to see how few Conservative MPs there were in the main Chamber but when it came to actual voting in the lobby -  on the motions previous to this one - it was clear that MPs were dumping ballot papers in the boxes without being present at any of the debates.


If the Opposition are to stop SI 2019 No. 248 they have to call upon all Opposition MPs to vote to annul in the hope they can outnumber the other side (hoping they fall short of their already slim majority).


This is a major task and stands only a very slim chance of succeeding.

It is PMQs so lots of MPs will be present.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a very long difficult shot to take. Motions are put through the system endlessly it seems. But it's a shot we have to take.


We want to make it clear that we are promoting this as a possible move

to BLOCK undemocratic policy making. We have always prided ourselves

as non-party political and this action is very much a non-party political move.


Our #Justice4NHS Judicial Review is still in process.

We are waiting to hear if we have permission to take our legal challenge

to the Supreme Court.  


So of course we have much more to say on the way in which the arguments

against the Statutory Instrument 248  were presented yesterday in the Commons.


But our task now is to BLOCK bad government.

Please ask all Oppostion MPs to place a ballot and vote to annul.

SNP & Welsh can also vote on this.

Thanks to all Campaigners who have contacted their MPs to sign up to the Prayer Motion. So many groups are doing great work on their local issues that is difficult sometimes to focus on the national picture. Nor do we want to pull focus from local group action. That is also vital.


Fight Local Think National is still a good motto to work by.




Thanks from all the 999 Call for the NHS team

prayer motion upright VOTE TO ANNUL

This Socialist Health Association article explains very clearly what the arguments against Integrated Care (as NHS England use the phrase) should be. We agree with it.