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Select Committee on the Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS



Because the Committee have not consulted any witnesses with evidence of why a public service NHS is the best and cheapest way to ensure long term sustainability of our NHS.


After reading the letter you can download the letter as a WORD doc and create your own version to send to the Lords Chair and other members.

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Removing the commercial market model from the NHS - imposed since the 90's and cemented with the Health & Social Care Act in 2012.  Foundation trust hospitals were created as businesses, and so are now in competition with one another.






Lord Patel

Select Committee on the Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS

House of Lords



Dear Lord Patel


We know that the Lords Committee is reviewing the Long-term financial sustainability of the NHS and is due to report on 31 March 2017.


In October 2016 campaigners submitted appeals for the committee to consider a return to a publicly provided NHS as the most efficient and effective way to maintain public health. Evidence for which is to be found in numerous global health surveys.


We are disappointed to note that no oral evidence has been called for to support these important submissions. We are also deeply concerned to see that no evaluation or assessment of the current Sustainability & Transformation Plans is being called for - without which it is surely impossible to assess the long term vision of the NHS.


If proper and robust examination of the long term future of the NHS is to be carried out then we insist that your committee demonstrates that it has given full and proper consideration to all options - including the restoration of a publicly owned, publicly provided, publicly accountable and publicly funded NHS.


We therefore demand that the Lords Committee confirms that:


* its primary objective is to secure the future of the NHS as a comprehensive, universal, accessible, high quality, equitable service


* considers the Sustainability & Transformation Plans


* it is evaluating the future of the NHS within an evidence based framework which includes a fully publicly provided service as a substantive and viable option


* it considers the long term future of the NHS being best maintained by public ownership & provision with full public funding and not simpli economics driven by private and corporate models of care


* it considers that the costs of marketisation, privatisation and competition within the NHS are a barrier to maintaining efficiency, integration and cost control and are actually creating more costs and not reducing it


If the above are not taken into consideration the public have every right to consider your commission has betrayed their interest and is not fit for purpose.


Your sincerely


999 Call for the NHS


This is NOT a Public Health Service.


It is a private health model pretending to be a public health service. Private providers are permitted to use the blue logo so that the public are unaware of the private health companies moving into our NHS and making profits.

The Private Finance Initiative 

forced many hospitals - including Worcestershire where 3 patients recently died on trolleys after long and futile wait for beds - to be built with fewer beds than necessary because of the high cost of PFI construction. PFI hospitals also have to make huge annual repayments to their corporate creditors, diverting money that should go on patient care.

The issues we need to focus on: