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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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Our letter of thanks to Stephen Hawking

Aug. 2017 and Jeremy Hunt attacked Prof. Hawking  on social media and in the Press.


We gathered campaign groups together to say thanks to Professor Hawking.


Writing letters can be vital tools in the campaign strategy - both on a local and a national level.


Think about how you might use a letter to join up friends, different members of a group etc.


1. Write to an MP

2. Tell your local council you've written

3. Write to your local paper explaining why you've written

4. Email your local radio station and do the same.

December 2018

And the PRESS

Dear Editor


The Health Sec. Matt Hancock's recent announcement that NHS staff training should follow the example of McDonalds displays both an ignorance of and complete disregard for the exceptional training that NHS staff undertake and the enormous responsibilities they carry at work on a daily basis.


Mr Hancock should apologise to NHS staff who struggle on while enduring terrible working conditions and ever increasing pressures put upon them by his own government's entirely unnecessary “austerity” policies that have led to a decade of serious NHS underfunding.


We would like to ask Mr Hancock to explain - if McDonalds is such a great employer with such wonderful thorough training schemes for all levels of staff, why have their staff been on strike recently? And why is the quality and safety of its food constantly being challenged? Is it not part of the junk food diet driving the obesity epidemic that is costing the NHS very large amounts of money?


If the Health Secretary is serious about solving the NHS staffing crisis, he needs to make sure that the Department of Health, together with Health Education England, produce proper workforce and training plans, with an appropriate level of funding that directly supplies frontline staff rather than lining the pockets of yet more management consultancy and digitech companies.


He needs to improve working conditions at all levels so that staff do not burn out quickly and are forced to leave their skilled, vital vocational careers.


McDonalds has one striking similarity with the NHS... C difficile bacteria. Recently found on the fast food chain's digital touchscreen menus, C Difficile has been a serious problem for the NHS since the 80's when the Conservative government first outsourced hospital cleaning.


Does Mr Hancock think this is also a good example of how the NHS can learn from McDonalds? We await Mr Hancock's reply.


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