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Currently the reshaping of our NHS  is being spun as something great - "Integrated Care".  


Wherever you see or hear this phrase you know you are dealing with CUTS - restricted treatments, centralisation of hospitals, downgrades and mergers and the shrinking of the "NHS Menu" of comprehensive healthcare.


Never Waste a Disaster...

We have been saying for a long time that the fight for the NHS is way more than just clinical care - it's a fight for our Democracy and human right to healthcare and the benefits that a society reaps from a public service NHS.


There is a proposed NHS BILL this month (MAY 11th is the date). Depsite the SPIN that  the word "Integration" is the best thing since sliced bread...  Let's be clear. It has nothing to do with 'better care' or improving better coordination of services (fragmented by the huge disruptive market model that is so wrong for the NHS).


It is ALL to do with allowing private companies INSIDE the NHS and in POSITIONS OF POWER.


We know they are already inside the NHS and this Bill simply seeks to cement their position. It seeks to make them statutory bodies.


The summary below is all about the connection between our NHS and the ALZIRA Public/Private Partnership in Spain. WHY? Well since 2011 the Alzira model of care has been celebrated as the future of the NHS. Even though the same Alizira model was such a DISASTER the local government in Valencia kicked the private company (Ribera Salud) out and are still fighting the massive CENTENE in court to keep them out.


Thanks to Jenny Shepherd for her painstaking research and her ability to join the dots.



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Ribera Salud is the Centene Corporation’s Spanish subsidiary. In the UK we have Operose Helathcare the Centene UK Subsidiary. Both companies have bulldozed their way into our system involving the jumping ship by NHS England Directors to their Company Executive Boards.


Starting in 2011, private health companies in the NHS Confederation, and the Kings Fund think tank, started promoting Ribera Salud as a model for the NHS. In 2012 the company gained the ear of David Cameron’s government and its model was written into the 2014 Five Year Forward View, with its emphasis on the introduction of “New Care Models.”



Throughout the New Care Models’ promotion of Ribera Salud and Centene Corporation between 2015-2019, the Valencia Regional Government fought numerous, long drawn out court battles to hold Ribera Slaud and its subsidiary B2B Salud to account for corrupt practices regarding cash for contracts for suppliers of prosthetics and drugs, overcharging the government for its Accountable Care contracts and distributing pharmaceuticals without authorisation. At the same time the Valencia regional government faced every kind of obstructive practice from Ribera Salud and Centene Corporation as it tried to enforce new legislation to end the company’s Accountable Care contracts.



Apparently no mention of these scandals was allowed to reach the attention of the 50 Vanguard schemes who were on the receiving end of Centene Corporation/ Ribera Salud “advice”. This exposure intensified in 2016 and 2017 as the Valencia Accountable Care gravy train derailed and Centene Corporation used Ribera Salud to expand both companies’ presence and influence in the English NHS. Key enablers included the then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, the Kings Fund, the NHS Confederation – and crucially, Samantha Jones and her successor Louise Watson as the New Care Models Directors. All were only too eager to push the Ribera Salud Accountable Care model without any regard to the evidence from Spain that it was deeply flawed, susceptible to fraud and corruption and no longer welcome on its home turf.


Now the NHS Integration and Innovation White Paper aims to lock in this model of Accountable Care into the NHS.


American Accountable Care (Integrated Care in UK) has no place in our NHS.  Why not read the full article?

We think the links are worthwhile and will help understand the situation so you can tell others.


Global Corporations, just like CENTENE, are moving fast into our NHS - 73years worth of DATA is a massive profiteering opportunity and there is a corporate fight on to win a place at the money trough. Don't forget "privatisation" does NOT mean we wont be pumping public money into the system. We will. And the private companies will keep demanding more.  




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Public Matters have produced a Briefing Paper on the porposed NHS Bill that will make the "Integrated Care Systems" that have alraady been thrust into the system despite all the warnings about being based on the  infamous American Health Maintenence Organisations (infamous because they are based on health insurance principles not the ethics of equality in the NHS).


The Briefing Paper explains why the likes of Centene, United Health, Optum, Deloitte, Serco and more are being allowed to set their feet under the table and far from just outsourcing contracts, these large global corporations are soon to be part of strategy and decision making at a national level.


Reading time is approx. 12 -15mins. You will find you'll need time to re-read and think about certain points. It will be time well spent.


Please share with you friends, campaign colleagues, local councillors, community leaders and MPs.


There is no excuse now to say "I didn't realise, I didn't know".


Below are other articles to help explain the reality of the danger we are in if we let the large corporations inside our NHS and other public infrastructures.

DOWNLOAD THE BRIEFING PAPER NHS JIGSAW portrait Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 21.33.40

VIDEO 4mins to watch and share

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Dame Joan Bakewell has understood