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Thanks to everyone who signed the letter which we will send to The Guardian on Tuesday 30th August. A Word Doc. version of the letter will soon be available to download and can be used by you, your group or friends to promote awareness of the illegality of the STP process on a local level.


A Davidson

A G Slade

A Nicoll

Achyuta Nori

Adele Green

Adrian Barker

Adrian collins

Aidan Leonard

Aidan Leonard

Alan Alexander

Alan Greathead

Alan Lansdowne

Alan Martin, Unite

Albertina Benedetti-Hall

Alex Gatehouse

Alex Keegan

Alexandra Sharpe

Ali Northover

Alisdair Neish

Alison Dunn

Alison Ellis

Alison J Roebuck

Alison Jacobson

Alison Oxley

Alison Ruddock

Alison Whalley

allan graham

Alma Brown

Allison Ainscough


Amanda Bryden

Amanda Copp

Amanda coward

amanda fleming

Amanda Kirwan

Amanda smith

Andrea Hailes

Andrea McAlone

Andrew Metcalf

Andrew Pearce

Andrew Sherwood

Andrew Sinclair


Andy Hunt

Angela Ditchfield

Angela Hathaway

Angela Hughes

Angela McEvoy

Angela Peake

Angela Stead

Angela Walker

Angeline Baker

Anita Carr

Anita Davies

Anita Kanani

Ann Baynham

Ann Charles

Ann Cobb

Ann Delahunty

Anne Graham

ann painter

ann wear

Ann--Marie Westran

anne    graham

Anne Herbert

Anne Jeavons

Anne Lawrie

Anne McMaster

Anne Taylor

Anne Todd

Annette Pearson

Annette Robson

Annie Ingram

Annie robertson

Ant Peter

Anthony baldwin

Anthony Boardman

Anthony Green

Anthony Hagger

Anthony McCabe

Anthony McLaughlin

Anthony Scruton

Antony Lowe

Anya Darr

Ashleigh Hetherington

Audrey Davidson

Azar khan


E. Williamson

Eddie Parker

Edna Palmer

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Eileen Norris

Elaine McQuire

Elainor walsh

Eliz Trainor


Elizabeth Humphreys

Elizabeth Lowe

Elsa Champney

Elsie Turner

Elwyn Foulkes

Emma Hart

Emma jones

Emma M

Emma O'Mahoney

Emma Phillips

Emmajayne Dockwray

Ethna Hayes

Euan woolford

Evie Edworthy



F. Livings


Fiona Dawson


Frances Dryden

Frances hoch

frances rush

Fraser Tyndall

fred royle

Fred Wilkinson

Freda Davis




G hall

G Pressley

Gail Calthrop

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Gail Elsharief

Gail Ward

Galit hart

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Gaynor Lord, Brent KONP

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Gordon keegan

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Find out more about the

STPS & What we can do to stop them.


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Brenda Pears


Brian A Hill

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Brian Hudson

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Brigid Harbour

Bridget Catterall


bryan harwood


Dear Editor


A secret process to cut and further privatise the NHS is charging ahead across England.


Sustainability and Transformation plans are being drawn up in conditions of secrecy imposed by NHS England – as their North Midlands Director of Commissioning Operations, Wendy Saviour, told a recent meeting of Shropshire Clinical Commissioning Group:


“STPs are not meant to be published at all. They should not go to Board meetings. Some of them contain very radical things… These are highly political and highly contentious. Once they’re washed off and the national messages are gathered together, they will be published.”


We the undersigned think this is an appalling abuse of our democratic rights and call for protests at local authorities’ Health & Wellbeing Board meetings, Clinical Commissioning Group meetings and at NHS England offices. Health and Wellbeing Boards are notionally responsible for seeing that STP governance and decision making processes “maintain democratic legitimacy”.


Councillors need to explain how this is possible given there is no statutory basis, and how they can square their duty to represent and fully inform us, whilst colluding in NHS England’s imposition of secrecy and dubious legality.


STPs are highly political and highly contentious because they involve huge cuts and NHS privatisation by a process of parcelling up the NHS into a new form of public/private partnership called Accountable Care Organisations – think PFI, but for services as well as buildings.


The outcome will be an NHS that offers reduced services, ends national terms and conditions for staff and is modelled on private American health insurance schemes.


Signed by both NHS Staff & Campaigners


Jenny Shepherd, Chair, Calderdale & Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS,

Steven Carne, 999 Call for the NHS

Madeleine Dickens, Sussex Defend the NHS

Dr Alex Scott-Samuel

Jackie Grunsell, Huddersfield GP

Ted Schrecker, Professor of Global Health Policy, Durham University

Colin Hutchinson FRCOphth

Deborah Harrington, National Health Action Party Campaign Team

Christine Hyde, North Kirklees Support the NHS

Jackie Brook & Chrissie Parker, Friends of Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Ian Wonnacott, Psychotherapist

Rosemary Hedges, Chair, Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS Campaign

Coral Jones, GP in City and Hackney

Andrea English, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Dr Mike Galvin, Wakefield

Mel Walker, Children’s Learning Disability Nurse

Victoria Kennedy, Huddersfield KONP

Sandra Shearn, Calderdale 38 Degrees NHS Campaign

Dave Ash, National Health Action Party Executive

Paul Cooney, Huddersfield KONP

Carol Ackroyd, Secretary, Hackney KONP

Jean Hardiman Smith, Defend Our NHS Cheshire

Julie Ingram for Barnsley Save Our NHS

Stephanie Clarke, Calderdale 38 degrees NHS Campaign

Jody Clark and Fighting 4 Grantham Hospital

Stephen Maclean, Chair, Sussex Partnership Unison Branch


Christine Hodder

Christine Lofthouse

Christine Price

Christine Shilling

Christine Shilling

Christine Vie

Christopher Bispham

Cilla Millner

Cindy Clark

Clair mclachlan

Claire Alford

Claire Copple

Claire davies

Claire dixon

Claire Jackson-Prior

claire yard

Clare Reynolds

Clare wilkie

cliff edwards

Clive Morgan


Colette Kearney

Colin Clark

Colin O Driscoll

Connie O'Neill

Corinne Fraser

Cynthia Moore


PLUS OVER 1000 members of the public