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A huge thank you to the Support Stafford Hospital campaigners who helped us in our campaign. They know only too well the deceit and lies that surround the closures of A&E's and services in order to allow privatisation.



Support Stafford Hospital campaigners are amongst the most determined in the country and they deserve our respect and attention. Theirs is a story that is becoming all too familiar across the country.


Mention STAFFORD and images of deaths, vases and cases of mass patient abuse spring to mind. This false story was conjured up by a local and national campaign of negative media and planned disrespect in order to encourage the public to become disillusioned with the hospital and allow private companies to take over.


What National Media did not tell the country was that over 50,000 people of Stafford marched to support their hospital and challenge the stigmatism their town had received. 20,000 children also marched in a separate event to support the important and efficient Childrens Ward that the town felt was a vital part of their community.


Why were 50,000 people ignored?

Why is Stafford having its services moved to Stoke where the NHS Trust is reliant on many private providers?

The public being denied their voice, their opinion and their democratic rights - is something we all need to be aware of. It is happening across the country.


Start to see the patterns...

Think you know the story?

Patients drinking from vases?

Nurses ignoring their duty of care?

1200 Deaths?


Simon Maginn has investigated this story for over a year and can't understand the mainstream media approach to such a sensational and emotive story.


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Hartlepool Hospital

Once again the tow of Stafford has been betrayed by its elected councillors who claimed to have their best interests at heart. Money ringfenced for use by the people of Stafford in presenting a legal challenge to the closure and removal of NHS Services from Stafford Hospital is now, seemingly, not going to be permitted for use.


Only one Labour councillor stood up to the council to remind them that were three verified legal routes to pursue and that the townspeople were deserving of the chance to save their hospital. Her pleas fell of deaf ears and, we imagine, coerced minds. The government's refusal to bend in their determination to privatise teh NHS does not allow for discussion and fair democratic procedures.


We are awaiting the full story and hope we can support the group in some way.


Meanwhile you can visit the current conversations on Facebook.