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Fighting to Save our NHS from profiteers

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This Summer 2021 join us and be part of making a difference.

Passionate about the NHS? Have something to say about this last year of pandemic and how the country has reacted?


999 Call for the NHS invite you to join us in our creative campaign project - following in the tradition of quilting as a means of recording social history in textiles that will survive for future generations.


We are recording our experiences, our stories of the 'Year of Covid' . The thoughts and reflections of people around the country. And what is abundantly clear - the need for a truly NATIONAL public health system that is publicly funded, managed and owned with the people as its priority, not profit.


We are excited and proud to be running this project. Since September 2020 we have been meeting with individuals and groups and the ideas are flowing.  And it's NOT just about sewing!


[email protected]


We want as many diverse voices as possible.

The project is open to all. All ages. All backgrounds. And all levels of skill.

The fabric of our society is rich & complex  and this project reflects this.

Threads of Survival has people together both locally and nationally. To talk. To create.

To gain new understanding and to reach out to people who may not feel they have a voice.


Quilt themes include: Family loss, NHS Staff, care homes, fear, children, the elderly, job losses, social distance and isolation, the confusion of testing, politicians, mutual aid groups, discovering new communities, new hobbies... the ideas have all come through team discussions.

Not just about

Needle and Thread...

Helping to design is as important as making.

Painting on fabric.

Photographic work.

Interviews with family, friends and communities.

Helping to work out technical problems.

Building frames to support the quilts for public display.


It really is not just about needle and thread.


We'll be adding more links as we develop the quilt project.

These are just a few to challenge your perception of a very old craft.


It's inevitable given these troubled times that we are being asked "is this a political project?"


We have always stood by our belief - we are NOT attached to ANY of the political parties.

If we were that would exclude people. The NHS needs all of us.

But we are certainly political and not ashamed to be so.


Making comment on our lives is POLITICAL. And people having a fair say in how the country is run is POLITICAL. The NHS was and still is one of the greatest POLITICAL visions this country has ever produced. It began in politics and it is only politics driven by people who care that can save it.


Our hearts are focused on saving the NHS from private corporate control and that is going to need people from all sides of the political spectrum to come together and see sense - not party ideology.


We will work with people who share our passion and vision.


That's what we have always been about.


We are people who care and we know we are not alone.

The Threads of Survival Collection is now available for touring around the country. Our first major event is a month long residency at Gawthorpe Hall in Burnley - the town hosts the British Textiles Biennial and we are honoured to have been chosen to be part of it.



We are keeping the project open and wewould love more voices!


There are two ways you can participate.


1. INDIVIDUAL - create a square or rectangle piece to the national and regional quilts. You can join others in online creative chats and explore ideas together. Pieces can be sent to us and we will organise putting the pieces together.


2. GROUPS - a wonderful way to stay connected with friends and members of your community.


Use the form below to get involved.

We look forward to meeting you.




The response to the project has been wonderful and people are asking if we can tour the quilts around the country.


We would love to.

But that will require some funds for trans

port, frames and publicity.



If you can spare a few quid to help us please use the

DONATE button below.



Any contribution will be welcomed and greatly appreciated. We are all volunteers and every penny goes directly to the project.


Thank you.

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