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999 Call for the NHS

A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.

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PATCHWORK  - your stories




PATCHWORK is for local groups to create their own quilts - telling their local stories of lockdown and Covid19.


Chat with friends or a group you belong to and discuss the possibility of creating a unique piece of social history together. The tragic events of Covid19 have opened our eyes and hearts to many things - especially the need for our NHS.


Complete the form below to get in touch with us if you are interested in finding out more about being part of PATCHWORK.


We're hosting an online PATCHWORK ZOOM meeting for Thursday 8th October, 8pm to explain more about the project aims.

We are in the very early stages of creating The Sewing Circle - a group of seamsters from around the country who are collaborating on a central COVID QUILT.  We still have room for more hands and voices. If you are a textiles/sewing person and have things to say about the events of Covid19 and could express them as part of an embroidered quilt - we want to hear from you.


Please get in touch with Steve and Chrissie!

This winter you and friends could be part of something unique.


Throughout Winter 2020 and Spring 2021 we aim to bring people together to collaborate, making bold strong statements about the era of COVID19 that we are living through. And the clear need we have for a health system that is publicly managed and owned with the people as its priority, not profit.


We are excited and proud to present our first creative project...

We are positively challenging the image of quiltmaking and widening our network of people who care about their communities and the NHS & Social Care.

We want to work with quiltmakers from as many diverse backgrounds as possible.

We want to work with Black Asian & Minority Ethnic quilters, those living with physical and mental ability challenges, LGBTQ quilters.

And we are looking for MEN who have an interest in textiles and may not even know they can quilt!


threads of survival QUOTES

The aims of the project?

To bring people together both locally and nationally. To talk. To create. To give people a voice.

To gain new understanding of the political, social and economic systems around us.

To reach out to new people who may not have been involved with the campaign before.

To learn from one another. And make bold statements.


Quilt themes might include: Family loss, NHS Staff, care homes, fear of the virus, children, the elderly, job losses, social distance and isolation, the confusion of testing, politicians, mutual aid groups, discovering new communities, new hobbies... the ideas will come through team discussions.


This project is about taking time. Time to reflect, think and exchange our stories and insights.  

After 6 months of feeling isolated from one another, and who knows what lies ahead, The Covid Quilts will offer us all a chance to connect and share our knowledge,  experiences and passions. Together we can make statements that need to be heard.


Taking Time Making: October 2020 - end of April 2021

Local exhibitions: May/June 2021

National Event: Bringing all the quilts together for the July 5th NHS Anniversary

Other Events : The Quilts will be available for exhibition and public events throughout 2021 and beyond


If you think QUILTS are just for old ladies sewing squares in a church hall - think again!  Trade Union banners, protest quilts in Latin America, the AIDS quilts...  we are following in the inspirational tradition of quilting as a means of recording important historical events. Living social history documents that will survive for future generations and provide us with a space for our voices.

Not just about Needle and Thread...

Helping to design is as important as making.

Painting on fabric.

Helping to work out technical problems.

Building frames to support the quilts for public display.


It really is not just about needle and thread.


We'll be adding more links as we develop the quilt project.

These are just a few to challenge your perception of a very old craft.