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A grassroots NHS campaign. Not affiliated to any of the political parties.


Did TRUMP really get it wrong?

The phrases "creeping privatisation" and "privatisation by stealth" are commonly seen in the papers and campaign leaflets on marches etc. We don't like using these phrases. We stopped using them back in 2015.   WHY?


The American health companies are already here, they've been cleverly embedded within the NHS - hiding neatly behind the blue logo - for years now.  It's sad  and we don't relish telling people that our country has been let down and betrayed by all our political parties over the last three dacades but truth will out. And it hurts. Unless we can face those truths there is no hope.


The American corporate culture that has eaten its way into our system - promoting the belief that PUBLIC is BAD, PRIVATE is GOOD. It's a simple message and the corporate businessmen, who have had their eyes on our incredible health service for a long time, have repeated it over and over until we the public have started to believe it. Certainly our mainstream political parties have bought it.


The handover to the American system has been slow but right now we are witnessing a rush, a surge and a feeding frenzy behind the Blue Logo.

We are seeing through their lies, their deliberate chaos and attempts to hoodwink the public.

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Stopping this USA style healthcare is what our Judicial Review was about in Spring 2018.


Accountable Care Organsitions, Systems, Partnerships - don't be distracted by the names - are all based on the Medicare/Medicaid USA model.


We were dismissed.


But the Court of Appeal has granted us 2DAYS in which to fight the ACO contract that is threatening patients' access to care.




Austerity economics is proving to be a big fat lie.


The mantra "there is not enough money" or the Conservatives'  "there is no magic money tree" is total nonsense and economists are now beginning to challenge the "no deficit - balance the books" idealogy that the corporate sector from within America has spread globally since the 1960's.


It is ruining economies and with recent events like Grenfell Tower, Austerity cutbacks & cutting corners culture is literally killing people.


We are developing a section of the website focusing on the  lies of Austerity and why the NHS can be afforded and will be the more cost-effective when it is returned to our public hands.

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One of the best and easy to read articles that every campaigner should read and share. You'll see that talk of "creeping privatisation" and "threats to the NHS" are nonsense.


The USA is already here doing it's dirty business in our NHS.


Written by Deborah Harrington - PUBLIC MATTERS.


Warning: you will be shocked.

Feb. 5th 2018 The Washington Post reported:


LONDON — President Trump took a swing at Britain’s beloved National Health Service on Monday, tweeting that Britons were marching in the streets because their universal health-care system was financially strapped and dysfunctional, and got a swift rebuke from the British prime minister.


“The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working. Dems want to greatly raise taxes for really bad and non-personal medical care. No thanks!” he wrote.

Don't be fooled. He ain't that stoopid...

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So what are we going to to do about it?