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The phrases "creeping privatisation" and "privatisation by stealth" are commonly seen in the papers and campaign leaflets on marches etc. We don't like using these phrases. We stopped using them back in 2015.




The American health companies are already here, they've been cleverly embedded within the NHS - hiding neatly behind the blue logo - for years now. Remember the current boss of NHS England quango is Simon Stevens, a man who previously worked for the largest USA health insurance company UNITED HEALTH.


The problem 999 Call for the NHS has had since its foundation in 2013 is being independent from party politics but being political in its vision and purpose. We are here to pressure all MPs, every element of political society and the media, to do the right thing in fighting for a publicly owned, funded, delivered and managed National Health Service.


It's sad to have to keep telling people that our country has been let down and betrayed by all our political parties over the last three dacades but truth will out. And it hurts. But unless we can face those truths there is no hope.


The American corporate culture that has eaten its way into our system - promoting the belief that PUBLIC is BAD, PRIVATE is GOOD. It's a simple message and the corporate businessmen, who have had their eyes on our incredible health service for a long time, have repeated it over and over until we the public have started to believe it. Certainly our mainstream political parties have bought it.


The current government are destroying the NHS and pretty much all public services. The Conservatives have always hated public services (they see it as a waste) so it's no surprise to witness them ripping our NHS apart whilst pretending to support it.


But what do we do with the information that UNITED HEALTH, the huge American global  corporation was invited into Parliamentary talks with New Labour by Alan Milburn in 2003  when Simon Stevens was one of Blair's health advisors (Hansard, 2003).


What do we do with the knowledge that the LibDems were part of the coalition wrecking ball that was the Health & Social Care Act 2012 that drove the NHS crashing into a privatised market system?


Our three political parties have all failed us.


The handover to the American system has been slow but right now in 2017 we are witnessing a rush, a surge and a panic we believe.


MPs, NHS England Board Members, Simon Stevens know we are onto them.

We are seeing through their lies, their deliberate chaos and attempts to hoodwink the public.  

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After 9 years as President in

United Health's Global Strategy Dept.  Simon Stevens was invited back to the UK by David Cameron to become the boss of NHS England.

To save it?  To support it?

No. Of course not.

To finish the job that was begun

two decades ago.



Find out about the new march we are undertaking.


This time it's in the courts.


March with us again and help fightback





According to the Institute of Fiscal Studies the UK Government are due to receive a basic income of £716.5 Billion for the year 2016/17

It is clear that being able to afford a publicly owned and run NHS is possible and we should be ensuring its sustainability with funding and public control.


Read the fact in the Institute for Fiscal Studies report.

Inst. Fiscal Studies (.pdf) wise puppy A5