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2017 what next for us and you?


999 Call for the NHS would like to offer all fellow campaigners around the country their support and thanks for all their efforts during a very difficult 12 month period.


We should all feel proud of our efforts in raising awareness and actions surrounding the Sustainability & Transformation Plans that NHS England are brutally imposing on the newly formed 44 Footprints.

Without our loud “Fight Local Think National” protestations and clear statements to the public we are convinced that the destructive “efficiency savings” would have been wiped under the media carpet and the public would be none the wiser.


It might feel like we are wading through deep mud of confusion but we are not alone and voices are rising in volume. In the first week of 2017 public figures have joined our calls for an end to the current STP chaos which is endangering lives and resulting in deaths across the entire country.


Are we alone?


Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of Health Select Committee has openly accused politicians, including her own government, of failing and misleading the public and sees the dangers facing the NHS.


More than 30 GPs in London (by no means the first) have called for an immediate halt to the STPs because there is no clinical evidence to support the destructive changes being imposed.


Junior Doctors continue to fight against their increasingly impossible sitaution and more of them are now beginning to find ways of discussing the issues alongside campaigners as part of the #NHSBigPicture


Economist Richard Murphy has written two important articles which reveals how government propaganda surrounding the national debt reveals the NHS CRISIS to be an artificially generated one. Something we can help the public to understand.


Even an STP Leader in South Yorkshire made noises to the Lords NHS Sustainability Committee and told them that all their work was a nonsense without the needed 4%/year funding increase.

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Continue to debunk statements issued by NHS England, STP Boards, Local Councils.


Repeat our demands for full publication of all STP documents, their appendices with full data on costs and implementation, and copies of  the 2017-19 STP contracts and operational plans which were quietly signed off two days before Christmas.


Continue to alert the public, NHS Staff and local councils to the reality and danger of the Accountable Care Organisation model that is being forced onto the NHS, inherited from the world’s worst healthcare service - America.  And pressure local councils not to participate with the STPs.


Continue to demand the full resignation of the Board of NHS England who no longer represent the interests of the public and are operating in a dangerous and irresponsible fashion. We the public have no faith in them.


Continue to refuse to participate in NHS England so-called consultations. These are an insult to the public and a complete sham. Instead campaign groups should follow the example of the Parish Council of ALSTON in Cumbria who carried out their own proper consultation. The result was a 100% NO to cuts.


Most important stay in touch with one another, support one another and ask for help when needed.

Best Wishes

999 Call for the NHS Team