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Now the election is over it is time to once more focus on stopping the dangerous and, in our view, criminal changes being inflicted on the NHS.


We are resolute that the thing we have to do is continue to focus on stopping the Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships - they were PLANS -  that are about to butcher and shrink the NHS and turn it into an American-style healthcare system under the control of corporate businessmen who will "demand manage" our health.


ie. limit the treatment available and force those that can pay to seek private health, those of us who can't will just make do with the minimum.


You know how the dentist works... that's what the NHS will become unless we demand MPs stop the privatisation now.




Will you work with campaigners to restore the NHS back into public hands,  renationalising and kicking out the private companies who are taking control?

If not. Why not?


Something you can do right now : CLICK ON THE TIN

As our MPs we need you to be committed to getting rid of privatisation.



We've got a simple message for

all MPs - renationalise.

But mostly this is directed to the  Labour Party who must listen now.


We call on you  to say no

to the private company management of our NSH. We are not willing to accept a version of the American Medicare/Medicaid system. 



Click on the link to find out more about the shift in public mood and what we must push for.


The current government are destroying the NHS

Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt have both been in recent talks with USA health companies. The American corporations are already in place and the move to take it will not be a complicated one as NHS England pushes ahead with its privatising Five Year Forward View and Sustainability & Transformation Plans.


All the main political parties have failed us

MPs, NHS England Board Members, Simon Stevens know we are onto them. We see through their lies, their deliberate chaos and attempts to hoodwink the public.  They know they have failed us in their duty. But they don't seem to care.


We need honesty. We need integrity. And we need MPs to make the change.

NHS MENU unnamed

Our short film won an award at Sheffield BritDoc 2017 Festival



Heard of them? You should have.


These are the vehicle that NHS England and the Government are using to finally put the nail in the coffin.


These plans/partnerships are all about what they call "efficiency saving" which is just a simple term to hide CUTS.


Dangerous CUTS.


Visit our dedicated STP site

for more info.

STOP THE STPS NO MORE AUSTERITY eagle has landed 2 Americanisation of NHS

American Health Companies are already embedded.

Need proof? Look no further.  Warning: you will be shocked.



We are a genuine grassroots campaign group with no ties or affiliation to any of the political parties. Members come from a variety of political directions but we are all agreed on one thing - we will not support any political party by affiliating or working alongside them.

We support them with our voices when their policies are right.

We lobby them when their policies are wrong.

That is our job as a campaign group.


We are fighting for the complete removal of the corporate sector from the NHS. Privatisation is now sweeping throughout all levels of the institution and our rights as citizens are being eroded as our access to comprehensive healthcare is rapidly being removed.


If you feel as strongly as we do please join us. Join a local campaign group near you. Set one up if it doesn't exist.


Visit our facebook page.

Find us on Twitter.  


Let's create a real opposition to the privatisation of the NHS.


You can make a difference